5 Essential Tip-Offs To Kick Start Your Corporate Wellness Program

5 Essential Tip-Offs To Kick Start Your Corporate Wellness Program

So, you have done all your surveying and decided to start an employee wellness program to improve their health and boost overall productivity and environment at work.

Let’s assume that you are also done with your research and brought a reputable wellness vendor on board to roll out the corporate wellness program.

Now, you are stuck at a point where you do not know how and where to start with it.

Not to worry, this is what most organizations go through when they start with their wellness programs at work for the first time.

The best way to get over these issues is to plan well from the start to have a smooth implementation of the strategies, which will ultimately help in elevating the productivity levels.

Workplace wellness programs come in many bits and parts, but leave a huge impact on the entire business, and so, it is crucial to ensure that the program is pretty much successful right from the beginning.

However, it could be daunting for a business to lay hands on something they are not aware of. Here are a few pointers you need to start considering to guarantee steady execution and performance of the wellness program.

1. Work Out On Your Business Objectives

Before you get into any strategic planning, you need to devise the goals and objectives of your business, especially the finances and the ones connected with your corporate wellbeing program. So, as you dig deeper into the program, you can evaluate the outcomes and see if they are helping you reach your goals. Take into account the major pain points like healthcare costs, absenteeism, engagement, etc., and look for ways to work on these problems.

2. Evaluate The Health Conditions And Interests Of Employees

A wellness program is successful only when there is wholesome employee engagement, and to achieve this, you need to understand the interests and wellness requirements of your workforce. A 10,000 steps challenge assigned to an old-age user group might not invite many participants. So, it is crucial to understand the demographics of the user group, their wellness needs, interests, and other aspects before you create a challenge. Do a simple survey to start with and assign activities on the same lines.

3. Communicate The Message Well To The Employees

Before the wellness program is launched in full bloom, it is vital to convey the message out to the employees. Plan a communication channel which is accessed regularly by all the employees to send notifications, make announcements, emails, put up posters, and do everything you should to get the message out there. Keep sending reminders and make it exciting to draw their attention and to ensure maximum participation.

4. Offer Rewards And Incentives To Make It More Appealing

Wellness programs are usually considered a boring activity with tedious workouts, and strict diet plans, and the very thought may ward off the users. Start offering rewards and incentives for activities like completion of biometric screening, for taking the HRA, and others, to make it more lively and impelling for the users to participate. This will ensure maximum engagement, keep the users satisfied, and also, have them adopt healthier behaviors.

5. Kick Start The Wellness Program With Simple, Yet Pleasing Challenges

Once you know what your employees are looking forward to in their wellness challenges, create them and assign it. Keep it simple for the starts and make it voluntary, as a forced participation might not have them involved wholeheartedly in the challenges. Offer constant customer support and keep reminding them to log their activity details, send reports regularly, and keep the users tagged with the updates.

As the employees keep seeing how engaging and fun these wellness activities are, the participation rate will increase gradually. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the employers and the admin to keep the users tagged with their reports, updates, and their progress through the program. This makes the users feel important, and their logged data helps them keep a track of their wellness goals, pushing them ahead through it.

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