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5 Simple Changes You Can Make To Promote Workplace Wellness

Healthy employees are productive employees, and workplace wellness can affect their morale and health, leaving an impact on organizational productivity. So, companies have started taking initiatives for workplace health promotion by changing the dietary habits of their employees, which significantly improved their health and overall wellness, thereby enhancing their knowledge and self-efficacy towards their work.

One of the most important factors of healthy living is healthy food habits, and studies have proved that diet plays a major role in contributing to the onset and increasing the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. So, to help companies implement healthy food choices in the workplace and encourage healthier eating habits among their employees, we give you a few tips to support diet habits for healthy eating and work productivity.

Make Sure Your Employees Take Up The Nutrition Challenges Of Our Wellness Program

Our corporate wellness program comes with many challenges that help your employees adapt to healthier food habits. Our wellness challenges are scientifically proven and they concentrate on various food habits, allowing the users to choose healthier and nutritional foods over unhealthy processed foods. Also, we give tips on how to implement the challenge in an easy way, making it simpler for the user to go healthy with their dietary habits.

Stock Your Office Pantry Supplies With Healthy Snacks

Your employees work tirelessly, and they are bound to get mentally exhausted. Munching on a healthy snack is a good way to revive quickly and get back to work, all refreshed. Also, snacking in between meals helps reduce the portion size and decreases the urge to overeat. So, stock your office pantry with a healthier version of snacks like nuts, fruits, baked veggie strips, whole grain snacks made of oats, barley, etc., for the employees to steal a few quick bites in the middle of work.

Add Transparent Containers For Your Office Pantry Equipment List

Eating food is highly affected by the sense of vision, and when you see food that delights you, you are sure to eat it. Use transparent containers to store healthier versions of dry snacks like nuts, cookies, etc. Use glass-doored refrigerators to store foods with smaller shelf-life like low-fat yogurt, low-fat bite-size cheese cubes, boiled eggs, fruits, salads, etc. Make sure that your employees see them and are urged to grab a snack or two as soon as they see it.

Ensure That There Is A Steady Supply Of Water For The Employees To Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is one of the vital keys to staying active and attentive. Staying dehydrated for a long time makes one feel lethargic and dizzy, driving the focus away from work. Make sure that your employees always have a bottle of water at their desks, and there is an easy provision to refill their bottles. Go ahead and encourage by offering small perks to employees who finish drinking at least 1 bottle of water at work.

Hold Potluck Lunches From Time To Time And Encourage Homemade Foods

Office potlucks are great ways of letting your employees socialize among themselves while having a healthy and nutritious lunch with many food varieties. They might learn a new recipe from their co-workers, start liking a new vegetable because it was cooked well differently, and will also encourage them to cook it themselves for their colleagues. Organize simple potluck lunches with no-fried food rules, and encourage healthy eating among your employees.

Get innovative and think of other ways where you can promote corporate wellness among your employees with good food habits, better nutritional choices, a healthier lifestyle for overall workplace wellness, and for better organizational productivity.

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