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5 Simple Corporate Wellness Challenge Ideas for Fall 2021

Fall Wellness Challenge Ideas

Fall is almost here, and its seasonal changes can make it very easy for people to skip their healthy routine and lose track. But autumn can be an excellent time to jump into fitness and health. Also, since the much-awaited events like Thanksgiving and Halloween might not be celebrated the traditional way owing to the pandemic, it might make it even more boring without much to look forward to. Nevertheless, the leaves change, the air gets crisp, and the pumpkin spice will be added to almost everything. Likewise, irrespective of what’s happening around, it is time to “Fall into Fitness”.

Fall is the time when occupational hazards are at a high. And so, one of the best ways to keep a check on your employee health and wellbeing is by taking the right measures like –

  • Annual Flu Vaccine – The CDC recommends getting the annual flu vaccine by October end. Employers can make this easy for the employees by offering on-site flu vaccination camps or motivate them to take the vaccine by offering wellness incentives for the same.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder – The less sunlight and chilly climate can make one feel lazy, tired, and have difficulty focusing on work. The side-effects of this Seasonal Affective Disorder can be counteracted by following healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercise, active lifestyle, flexible working schedules, and mindfulness.
  • SelfCare Programs – With the quarter coming to an end, the benefits managers, HR teams, and employees are likely to be loaded with deadlines. The work stress along with the seasonal changes can impact employee health and wellbeing and productivity. Employers must include self-care programs in the corporate wellness programs and other employee wellness solutions to help them with it.

Here are some all-time favorite Fall Wellness Challenges that can be done even while working remotely.

  • Plan a Team Outing – If your employees are not working remotely or are willing to go on an outing, plan a team trip while following the COVID-19 guidelines. Go apple picking, hiking, volunteer, play outdoor games, 5K walks, or go on a team lunch. If they are working remotely and not ready to come out, implement suitable virtual wellness challenge ideas for remote workers.
  • Cook In-Season Produce – The Fall Harvest is full of colorful vegetables and fruits. Vegetables like beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, okra, pumpkins, quinces, and many herbs are available in their best quality in early Fall until winter. Also, fruits like apples, cranberries, grapes, limes, pears, passion fruits, and more are the fall seasonal produce.  Organize pot luck lunches, sharing recipes, theme-based outdoor team cooking, and sessions with nutritionists to promote eating fresh and healthy seasonal produce.
  • Track Your Hydration Levels – The heat and sweat in summer are an obvious reminder to stay hydrated. However, the cooler climate can make you forget to drink water regularly. Start tracking your water intake on the wellness app or wellness program platform. Set a reminder to drink water and track your hydration levels daily.
  • Ensure Active Lifestyle – The autumn can be a very tempting time to stay up in the bed wrapped in a cozy blanket. With many employees working remotely, even the little physical activity has stopped. Through corporate wellness programs, employers can promote an active lifestyle to ensure better employee health and fitness. Offer online interventions like exercise videos, yoga sessions, coaching programs, virtual discussions with experts, webinars, and educational resources to encourage physical activity. Include wellness challenge ideas like step challenges, If possible, offer gym memberships, onsite gym, or incentivize exercise equipment.
  • Prioritize Mental Wellbeing – Less sunlight and cold weather can easily bring darkness to the surroundings and to the mind. Social distancing and remote working have added to the woes and stress, affecting mental health. Employers must prioritize employee mental wellbeing with fall wellness challenge ideas that can help with mindfulness and stress management. Organizing community events like volunteering, teaching self-care, practicing gratitude, tracking mood, taking a break from social media, and such simple activities can help in managing stress and improve mental wellbeing.

With the seasonal shift, it is time for your employees to shift from a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle to an active, healthy life. Conduct pulse surveys to know what your workforce wants in this fall, and plan the corporate wellness programs accordingly, to ensure employee health and wellbeing along with better workplace engagement.

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