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6 Ways to Support Employees Mental Well-being at Work

Employee Mental Health

Working in a stressful work environment, day in and day out can lead to serious issues. You can end up developing mental as well as physical problems. This is where the management comes into the picture. It is their responsibility to make sure that proper mental wellbeing of the employees is being maintained. 

6 Effective Ways to Improve Mental Wellbeing at Workplace

There was a worksite wellness research that was carried out by the CDC. According to this research, nearly 40% of the employees have reported that their jobs are excessively stressful while the other section has identified their job to be the top stressor in their lives. These statistics are alarming for employers. They need to realize that unless the workers feel comfortable at their workplace they won’t be able to deliver their best. It is as simple as that. This is the reason as to why wellbeing of the employees should be the primary concern for any accompany. Too much of stress on a regular basis can lead to certain situations that can prove to be detrimental for the companies. It can lead to an increased rate of attrition, enhanced expenses on accounts of healthcare, low productivity.

At times, job stress can directly be linked to certain temporary conditions like

  • New Management
  • System Up gradation or conversion
  • Introduction of new HR policies

Over a period of time, a highly stressful work environment can turn out to be a chronic problem and can have long-lasting effects on the employees. Here are 6 useful tips for the employers that were suggested by Great-West Life and World Mental health day, which can help to improve the overall well being of the employees at the workplace. 

  • Help employees to de-stress others: Allowing the employees to be candid about their mental health is one of the best ways to improve the mental wellness of the employees. The management needs to identify the issue and should allow it to be a topic of discussion. This would send a positive vibe among the employees that they are not alone; the management is willing to listen to their problems. 

It is very important for management to encourage the employees to take breaks. Working at a stretch for long hours can lead to serious stress. A brief walk, a short coffee break or spending some time in the cafeteria can help the employees to refresh their minds. This would also allow the employees to interact with each other, which in turn would create a healthy atmosphere within the organization. When employees are working as a team, this sort of informal relationships can prove to be very helpful. It also helps to boost the morale 

  • Encourage Emotional and Physical Activities: It has been proven that whenever mental and physical practices are introduced, it brings about a drastic change in the workplace. The employees should be encouraged to participate in yoga sessions. If there is a gym in the office, they should be encouraged to spend a couple of hours there. Physical activity helps a lot to get rid of the stress and to rejuvenate the mind and body. Mental activities like debate, discussion, and quiz sessions can also prove to be very useful when it comes to refreshing their mind. The management has an important role to play in this regard. They must understand the importance of such activities and keep on encouraging the employees to participate in them 
  • Resources for Mental Wellness: There are many programs which can be introduced in the workplace to ensure the mental wellbeing of the employees. Wellness 360 has designed a program which includes some key components like life satisfaction, resilience, and long-standing emotional health. Wellness 360 has introduced a mental health package that includes customized and assessment challenges. Besides, there are other employee wellness programs available which have proven to be quite effective. 
  • Offer an Employee Assistance Program: Support and counseling that are offered by EAP can be the first step towards ensuring employee wellbeing. These EAPs also offer tons of different types of programs that are designed to ensure worksite wellness of the employees 
  • Healthy Work Environment is the Key: When it comes to the mental wellness of the employees, the work environment has a significant impact on it. Besides, it also plays an important role in determining various other aspects like productivity, the rate of attrition and profit. This is where the management needs to step in. They should introduce an open-door policy where the employees should be encouraged to communicate whenever they feel like. Besides, the management also needs to make sure that the employees are being regularly updated about new developments within the organization, departmental changes, introduction of new policies and others. This would help to build trust, provide direction and at the same time ensure reduced employee stress. Allowing flexible work hours can also help the employees by a great extent.  These days, in order to make life easier for the employees, many companies have introduced “work from home” concept. 
  • Show Affection and Care: Dee Edington, a well-known expert in worksite well has stated that the companies need to show care and affection towards their employees. It is important because, when the employees know that management cares about them, and is by their side, it instills a sense of confidence in them. This would help them to get rid of the unnecessary stress which affects most of the employees. 

There are various ways by which a company can show its care towards the employees. Here are some of them:-

  • By offering community service day
  • Family Activities
  • Recognizing outstanding cooperation of employer-employee
  • Promoting the voices of the management and the employees in community activities and meetings

Mental well being at the workplace plays a very important role when it comes to affecting the lives of the employees. It has a lot to do with their productivity which in turn contributes towards the success of a business. Thankfully, organizations from all over the world have realized the importance of employee wellness programs and are making efforts to bring about a change.

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