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A Global Employee Wellness Study Shows the Top Health and Wellness Apps of 2022

top corporate wellness apps

Digital health and wellness have become the need of the hour.

Employee wellness programs are a top priority at many organizations. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, along with supporting the right wellness solutions, the features must also be in line with the latest digital health and wellness trends.

Of the different employee engagement strategies, offering corporate wellness apps as the mobile version of the web wellness portal has proven to be effective.

The corporate wellness market is flooded with plenty of health, wellbeing, and fitness apps.

Global Study of Health and Wellness Apps

A study in collaboration with Airnow Data was conducted in February 2022 to understand the global structure of health and wellness apps, and how it helped the corporate wellness market. The report chiefly studied the leading health and wellness apps in the Google Play store by virtue of the generated revenue and number of downloads in February 2022.

Based on the generated revenue

The outcomes of the study showed that out of the hundreds of health and fitness apps, Fitbit was the global leading wellness app in the Google Play Store in terms of total revenue. Generating almost $2.19 million in February 2022 from Android users alone, Fitbit was the most successful health and fitness platform.

This was followed by Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal generating revenue of around $1.8 million, Calm app with $1.4 million, Headspace with $1.12 million, and Strava in the 5th place with around $1 million.

Top health and wellness apps

Based on the number of downloads

With almost 2.93 million downloads in Google Play Store from Android users in February 2022, Home Workout – No Equipment was the most downloaded health and wellness app.

This was followed by Six Pack in 30 Days with 2.53 million downloads, Blood Pressure app with 2.03 million, Mi Fit with 1.95 million, and Lose Weight App for Women with 1.69 million global downloads from Google Play Store in February 2022. Samsung Health was ranked 9th with 1.23 million, and Google Fit was in the 10th position with 1.05 million global downloads.

top corporate wellness apps

When it comes to the health and wellbeing market in the US, Planet Fitness Workouts was the most downloaded app, with around 478 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store in February 2022. This was followed by Calm, the popular meditation app, with approximately 399 thousand downloads in the USA alone from android users.

In 2020, a Sensor Tower report showed that leading mental wellness apps recorded 215 thousand installs in the USA from November 3rd to November 5th, 2020. This was an almost 30% increase compared to 166 thousand installs from October 27th – October 29th and 158 thousand installs from October 20th – October 22nd.

mental wellness apps

Although there are plenty of digital health and wellness apps in the corporate wellness market, it may be difficult to find one single app that can offer you everything you are looking for in your workplace wellness. And so, the best solution is to have a dedicated corporate wellness app that can offer and support the different employee wellbeing solutions and engagement strategies. Be it taking health assessments, participating in wellness challenges, logging activity, and nutrition data, tracking progress, and doing everything in the employee wellness program – the wellness app must be flexible and scalable to support it all.

A well-designed corporate wellness app, like the MyHealthPlus app from Wellness360, will make it convenient for the entire workforce to participate and engage in the wellbeing program, thus, driving success.

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