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A Monthly Guide of Creative Employee Wellness Ideas for a Healthier 2022

Employee Wellness Ideas for a Healthier 2022

Employee wellness programs have become the new normal to improve health and wellbeing. Many studies prove the benefits of workplace programs, and so they have become an integral part of workplace strategies.

Employee wellness programs are known to give better ROI in return for the invested wellness dollars. However, this can happen only when the right strategies are implemented for workplace programs. Also, employee engagement is the key to the success of workplace wellness programs.

Effective employee engagement strategies include corporate wellness challenges, incentives, gamification, and more.

Employee wellness ideas must be fun and unique to ensure high engagement and to keep the workforce interested and motivated. More importantly, they must meet the health and wellbeing requirements of the workforce.

Here are a few employee wellness ideas that can be implemented in the workplace wellness programs for 2022.

January – National Hobby Month

New Year’s is a good time to make new resolutions and adopt healthier habits. It is also a great time to start making new changes for wholesome life. Making time from our busy schedules for our favorite hobbies is a great way of ensuring some personal space for mental wellbeing. This #NationalHobbyMonth, encourage your workforce to take time out for their hobbies. Allow flexible working schedules to provide a work-life balance. Identify the individual hobby ideas and provide the needed material to motivate them. Companies can provide stationery for painting, eco-friendly material for gardening and pottery, books for readers, online dance or music sessions, and likewise.

February – National Heart Month

Anyone can be at risk of heart disease. Sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy habits, and high-stress levels can increase the risks of potential cardiovascular conditions like obesity, hypertension, and stroke. #NationalHeartMonth creates awareness about heart health, the risks, causes, and treatment. Organize corporate health screenings for your workforce to assess their heart health and other underlying conditions. Conduct walking challenges, smoking cessation programs, meditation sessions, and other heart-healthy agendas as a part of your employee wellness programs.

March – National Nutrition Month

Food plays a huge role in our health and wellbeing. Making healthy eating choices can be difficult when it is easy to get carried away by the available processed food and time constraints. This March 2022, organize pot lunches at the workplace to encourage making and eating homemade food. With Spring here, fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits are easily available. So, have theme-based weekly team lunches, stock the office pantry with healthier options, provide healthy meal kits, and organize webinars or seminars with nutritionists to create awareness about healthy eating.

April – National Volunteer Month

Volunteering is a rewarding experience. It is known to be an effective stress reliever and good for physical health too. It also boosts self-confidence and life satisfaction. Since the #NationalVolunteerMonth encourages volunteerism to help the needy, it is a great opportunity to follow suit for your workforce too. Arrange on-site blood donation camps, organize a 5K run event with the funds going to an NGO, and collect essentials at the workplace to donate to a care home.

May – National Mental Health Awareness Month

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted employee mental health. Owing to its impact on productivity and overall wellbeing, many companies have started prioritizing mental wellbeing in the workplace. With this #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, employers can provide their workforce with reliable and suitable mental wellbeing resources. They can include assessments, expert consultations, webinars, and other tools, in addition to creating a workplace culture where mental health issues are no longer taboo.

June – National Professional Wellness Month

Professional wellness reflects overall business growth. The Professional Wellness Month of June focuses on the role of the workplace in creating a holistic working atmosphere for employees. It also throws light on how companies that accentuate professional wellness are vastly successful in attracting top talent and lowering employee turnover rates. Employers must create a satisfying workplace culture. The workplace ambiance, wellness challenge ideas, workplace benefits, and other employee wellbeing offerings – employers must make sure they are aligned with the needs of the workforce and can support professional wellness.

July – National Picnic Month

As the summer sun shines, July is a great time for fresh air and to explore nature’s beauty. Picnics could be shorter weekend outings or an afternoon getaway with family, friends, or teammates. While the pandemic has made people cautious of visiting outdoors, it is good to enjoy the great outdoors with a little extra caution. Companies can shortlist accessible picnic spots, including parks, wildlife refuges, trails to hike or bike, canyons, or hillsides. Organize games, sports, and healthy competitions with fun wellness challenge ideas. Hand over picnic recipe booklets with healthy recipes for sandwiches, finger foods, and simple beverages. Gift them eco-friendly picnic baskets with some healthy summer produce and goodies like low-fat cheeses, bread, and fruit. Share the enthusiasm with the workforce and encourage them to get outdoors and rejuvenate themselves. Apart from refreshing them with a break from work, outdoor trips can also improve internal communication and build stronger teams.

August – National Wellness Month

The #wellnessmonth creates awareness about self-care, stress management, and promotes healthy lifestyle habits for a holistic life. Most comprehensive employee wellness programs focus on improving health and wellbeing by promoting behavior change. The workplace programs can include simple corporate wellness challenge ideas to improve sleep, yoga or meditation sessions, healthy eating ideas, hydration challenges, massage or spa appointments, aromatherapy, and more. In short, employees must start taking action for their personal wellness, reflecting better productivity and business growth.

September – Self-Improvement Month

Self-improvement means differently for everyone. However, the root of all self-improvement goals is learning, consistency, and patience. Be it mastering a new skill or overcoming any obstacle, self-improvement is all about choosing a path to reach goals. Employers can conduct employee pulse surveys or engagement polls to know the self-improvement goals of their workforce. The most common healthy lifestyle goals can include – eating healthier, getting more exercise, reducing stress, learning a new course or skill, finding peace, spiritual development, and more. Employers can then implement suitable wellness challenge ideas to address their concerns.

October – National Work and Family Month

The pandemic has affected work routines and has employees juggling multiple responsibilities at home. With the remote work situation, many are unable to unplug themselves from work even after working hours. This has led to a disturbing work-life balance, affecting their wellbeing and personal relationships. Employers must realize and spread the word about the need for a proper work-life balance. With this #WorkAndFamilyMonth, companies can look into creative ways to promote work-life alignment with fun wellness challenge events for families, webinars, paid leaves, and motivating emails.

November – Thanksgiving Month

Thanksgiving is probably the best time to send gratitude and appreciation to employees and their families. Employers can send out Thanksgiving messages to the workforce showing how much they value and respect them. Recognize and appreciate their milestones. Encourage the not-so-well doers to do better. Offer reasonable and suitable incentives as a token of gratitude. Most importantly, make sure they are off work on Thanksgiving Day to spend the day with their families and friends.

December – The Holiday Season

With the year-end around, December is the time to start all over again. Ask your employees through surveys or polls about their health and wellbeing needs. What is it that they wanted to do all year long but were not able to accomplish? Also, list out the business goals and employee wellness ideas that can help improve the workforce and the organization. Discuss it with the concerned team and executives before the holiday season begins. Make sure the whole workforce is happy with 2022 and is looking for a better 2023.

There are plenty of other employee wellness ideas that can be used throughout the year 2022. The key to higher engagement of these wellness challenge ideas and employee wellness programs is to make sure they are fun and match their interests.

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