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Corporate Wellness 2023 – Building an Employee Wellness Program with a Competitive Edge

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With employee wellbeing becoming the top priority for many organizations, the corporate wellness market is blooming with many new vendors. However, since so many new wellness companies are coming up, your company must have a competitive edge in the corporate wellness market to make better business.

Here are a few foolproof methods for employee wellness companies to have a competitive advantage in the wellbeing market.

  1. Set Yourself Apart

If you are the same as the market herd, it is going to help you get better in the industry. And so, your employee wellness programs must be different and better than others in the corporate wellbeing market. Only when you set yourself apart from the others, it will be effective in reaching out to the ideal clients and making better business for your company.

Research your market to know your potential clients, competitors, what they are offering, and the loopholes in your program features. When you have all the details, work on differentiating yourself from the others in the market.

  • Product Distinction – The key features, scalability, flexibility, modules, and the USP of your employee wellness program is what sells your product. If it is the same as most wellness vendors, then the chances of making better revenue or business are relatively low.
  • Service Distinction – Your communication with the clients, customer service, ease of delivery and launch, credibility, uprightness, responsiveness, and overall competence are what count for your flourishing business.
  • Price Distinction – The price is probably the most eminent distinguishing factor of your employee wellness program. Is your program features worth the price you are quoting? What is your cost per employee? Is it better to offer it as a whole package, or should you segment your services? Only when your customers feel your program is worth the price will they work with you.

Wellness360 is miles apart from all other competitors in all these 3 factors. While our corporate wellness technology is the cream of the crop, our affordable wellness programs for companies with budget constraints make us the top of the heap.

2. Demonstrate Your Success and ROI

lthough most organizations invest in workplace programs to improve health and wellbeing, the ultimate objective is to boost productivity for business growth. With so many myths and controversies doing the rounds about corporate wellness programs, vendors have to prove their efficiency. Ideally, the ROI of the wellness programs is usually reflected in healthcare savings. Also, reduced absenteeism and higher retention rates give better ROI. All these can be achieved only when employers are convinced of having a competitive benefit from the programs, and employees are engaged well. Demonstrate your success stories and business ROI to attract more potential customers and better business.

3. Offer the Trending Wellness Services

Employee wellness trends keep changing with time. A few decades ago, it was only the health savings and benefits packages, which later progressed to including physical health and fitness programs. However, with time, employee health and wellbeing requirements evolved drastically. Your program features and modules must be aligned with the latest corporate trends to meet the workforce’s wellbeing needs. Be the disease management programs, health coaching, assessments & screenings, or workplace ergonomics – your program must be flexible and scalable to accommodate all the needed wellbeing program features.

4. Integrate Advanced Wellness Technology

With the world revolving around technology, it is a must-have for your wellness program too. Integrating the latest corporate wellness software for your programs can go the extra mile in catapulting your business. A state-of-art wellness program platform and mobile app with a clean dashboard for seamless navigation can help in portraying your services and features to your clients. Include technology-based features like –

  • Devices and apps integration
  • Incentive management
  • Events scheduler
  • Activity trackers
  • Exclusive portals for admins, users, and coaches

5. Offer Customizable Workplace Programs

Each employee is different, and so will their health and wellbeing needs. And so, every workplace will need to implement employee wellness solutions according to their workforce’s wellbeing needs. Offering tailored programs with effective wellness challenges and features that meet specific employee health and wellbeing demands can become your signature factor to attract more clients. Understand your client company’s requirements and chalk out an actionable plan including all the required features. Make sure you avoid any last-minute surprises from and for your clients. As the ‘one-size-fits-all approach does not work with corporate wellness solutions, customizing the features with adequate scalability and flexibility can be beneficial. Most importantly, ensure effective communication before and post-launch of the employee wellness program for better participation and engagement.

Having a competitive advantage in the corporate wellness market needs a lot of research and strategic planning. With personalized, effective, and innovative solutions that can empower your workforce, enhance employee engagement, and boost workplace wellbeing, your employee wellness program can be all set to be the star of the market, drawing more potential clients and making better business ROI.

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