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Employee Wellbeing Programs – Your Checklist To Creating Successful Corporate Wellness Challenges

Corporate wellness programs have become the need of the hour, and many employers are implementing them as a part of their employee benefits and perks package.

The corporate wellness programs have been designed to –

  • Boost employee engagement
  • Enhance productivity
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Decrease absenteeism rates
  • Improve workplace culture

Designing a well-planned employee wellbeing program is daunting, and it needs a lot of planning going into it to ensure it delivers the desired outcomes. Along with implementing the best employee engagement strategies, it is also essential to incorporate modules and features that lead to the success of the employee wellbeing program.

About Workplace Wellness Challenges

Workplace wellness challenges are an integral part of corporate wellness programs. They are excellent employee engagement strategies and also play a major role in cultivating healthy habits. These workplace wellbeing challenges are also a great way of building stronger teams as they bring together the entire team to achieve common goals through their team wellness challenges. They prompt a healthy competitive spirit and fellowship between the co-workers while achieving their wellness journey goals.

Benefits of Wellness Program Challenges

While the corporate wellness programs offer plenty of benefits to employees and employers, the employee wellness challenges contribute the most towards the success of the wellbeing programs. The best part of having a flexible and scalable corporate wellness program is that the program administrator can create wellness challenges ideas that are suitable to all wellness criteria – holistic challenges, disease management challenges, remote working challenges, outdoor challenges, personal wellness challenges, team challenges, and more.

Apart from having the flexibility to suit the employee wellbeing requirements, wellness program challenges also offer important benefits, including –

  • Offers simple actionable wellness challenges ideas
  • Building healthy habits
  • Creating a healthy competitive spirit
  • Boost team and individual morale
  • Building stronger teams

Planning Wellness Challenges for the Workplace

Setting up wellness challenges for the workplace can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and confusing. Here is a brief checklist with action items that you can consider while designing the online wellness challenges for your employee wellbeing programs.

  1. Forming an Advisers Team

Forming a wellness committee with expert advisers is probably the first step to planning the wellness program challenges. The team must have advisers and volunteers who are experts in health and wellness, administration, and management of the workplace wellness programs, along with the company policies. The wellness committee can start with a brainstorming session where they pour in different concepts and thoughts for the wellness challenges ideas. Once the actionable wellness challenges ideas are shortlisted, they can seek employee feedback through pulse surveys or polls to know their interests and requirements.

2.  Document the Plans

Since there are many people and many more wellness challenges ideas bouncing off, it is always better to document the plan details and share them digitally over Google Drive, Dropbox, or other modes, where everyone involved can access it. It helps in referring to the notes whenever needed, and also makes things organized, making it easy while implementing the wellness program challenges.

3.  Set Clear Wellness Challenges Themes

Sorting wellness challenges based on themes will make it easier for the administrator to create and assign the challenges. It also narrows down the options for the employees to choose the challenges according to their health and wellness goals. For example, employees can choose the physical activity challenges if their goal is to stay active and fit. Similarly, mental wellness challenges can be chosen by an exclusive group of employees who are looking for stress management guidance. Having such sorted themes will boost employee engagement as there will be relevant options to suit everyone’s interests.

4.  Plan Proper Challenge Goals

Having proper goals set for the corporate wellness challenges will make it easy for the employees and employers. The program administrators can set short-term goals for the wellness challenges and fix certain reward points for completing them. Employees can also complete the assigned/chosen corporate wellness challenges and earn the set reward points accordingly. For example, a daily goal of 10,000 steps can be set for the personal step challenge, and when employees complete the 10K steps daily, they can earn certain points. It becomes easier to track and less chaotic for employees and employers.

5.  Plan Rewards and Incentives

Employee wellness challenges are great wellbeing program engagement strategies. However, to lure more participation into these employee wellness challenges, employers can offer rewards and incentives. They can be outcome-based or participation-based incentives, depending on the wellness challenges ideas. Convey the information about the reward points, incentives, raffles, and more for the employees to be aware of all them. Program administrators can put the rewards and incentives across the wellness challenges or the points in a spreadsheet or document and share it with the employees.

6.  Promote and Communicate with Marketing Materials

Promoting the corporate wellness programs and the employee wellbeing challenges, at least a month before their launch, is important. It gives enough time for the employees to make up their minds and also builds curiosity, which can improve employee engagement. Have a creative person at the workplace design the fliers, communication materials, and other employee engagement tools to send communication messages through other channels ensuring every employee is aware of the corporate wellness program and its wellness challenges ideas. Make sure the materials have all the relevant information about the wellness challenges, the sign up and deadline dates, what to expect, onboarding steps, and more. Wellness360 makes it easy for our customers by providing pre-designed marketing materials to save your time and make it easy to send out the message.

7.  Prepare the Employees

A week before the employee wellbeing program and the wellness challenges start, send out friendly reminders to the employees. Remind them with digital materials about the rewards, raffles, incentives, and all the health and wellness benefits. Provide them with the needed trackers, wellness apps access, gym memberships, fitness gear, cooking equipment, or whatever the company can afford for the participants, at least a day or two before the launch date. Once everything is in line and the employees have signed up, it should be easy to get going with the plan.

8.  Encourage and Seek Feedback

Planning and launching the employee wellbeing program can be difficult. However, it is much tougher to keep it running smoothly, while giving the desired outcomes. To ensure the employees are on the right track and the wellness program is running in the right direction, the wellness committee must keep checking its progress regularly. Apart from the reports, insights, and analytics, they must also seek employee feedback to get first-hand reports about user experience. This makes it easier to understand the loopholes and address them to encourage employees and keep the engagement steady.

Wellness challenges can be inspiring ways to cultivate healthy habits for holistic wellbeing. There are plenty of themes that can be covered through the workplace wellness challenges, including –

  • Steps challenges
  • Healthy eating challenges
  • Hydration challenges
  • Better sleep challenges
  • Mental wellness challenges
  • Virtual journey challenges
  • Financial wellbeing challenges

The idea of health and wellness could sound boring and overwhelming to the employees. And so, it is important to add fun activities and gamification approaches to the corporate wellness challenges ideas to guarantee better participation and employee engagement. Save time by seeking regular feedback and avoiding disappointing outcomes.

So keep this corporate wellness challenges checklist handy and create wellness challenges ideas that can lead the employee wellbeing programs to success.

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