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Employee Wellness – 3 Primary Reasons why Corporate Wellness Programs are Conducive

Employee wellness demands are ever-changing, and for businesses to stay on top of their industry charts, they have to keep themselves updated with the trends of the corporate wellness market. The tables have turned around nowadays, and the employees are expecting their employers to provide them with all-round employee benefits and other incentives, along with the corporate wellness programs, which not only help the workforce to achieve holistic wellness, but also boost organizational productivity.

Right from employee wellness programs, to alluring office environments, and workplace cultures that value personal virtues, employees are looking for everything beneficial for holistic health.

However, with the advancing technology and rising employee demands, wellness programs need to be upgraded and tweaked to meet the requirements. Unlike previously, where only physical health was considered as the wellness element, employers today are ensuring that their corporate wellness programs focus on various wellness aspects like – physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing.

As important as it is to throw the spotlight on the holistic wellness approaches for overall employee wellness, it is equally important to stay in line with the latest corporate wellness trends in the market.

Here are the 3 big reasons why workplace wellness is now important for all businesses.

Workplace Wellness is a Fad Global Trend

While the entire world is working on actionable wellbeing plans to reduce the rising risk of occupational disorders, mental stress, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, it is time for the US employers also to take efforts for employee wellness as the healthcare costs are skyrocketing. As the stories about the effectiveness of the corporate wellness programs are spreading, more employers have started offering them, and the result is an average 4.8% annual increase in the approximately $47.5 billion corporate wellness market.

A 22% rise in the number of employers offering wellness programs clearly depicts the importance of employee health and productivity. Also, many studies and surveys have shown that corporate wellbeing programs improve employee engagement and overall business ROI.

Gain Beyond just Organizational Productivity

Apart from improving employee health, the right workplace wellness programs can help in reducing healthcare costs, attract and retain a talented workforce, and improve the overall ROI. However, employers are adopting wellness programs for reasons more than just profits and productivity. The wellbeing programs enhance the workplace culture of health and employee engagement, while giving a reasonable chance to outshine the competitors by leveraging the pro-employee approaches.

The Growing Need for Health Coaching

Health coaching has now become an integral part of most comprehensive employee wellness programs with the idea of preventing any possible health disorder from becoming serious. Employers in the US are spending almost $2.7 trillion annually on their employee healthcare costs. To avoid these expenses, companies have started including health coaching programs that include suitable lifestyle interventions to prevent small health issues from getting serious or to reverse the conditions in a few cases.

Health coaches are professionals who provide the needed medical guidance for specific wellness needs with a personal touch that helps the employees adhere better to their treatment plan and advice. Also, they address the holistic health needs of the employees, helping them through their wellness journey.

A well-designed wellness program usually includes – Health Risk Assessments, biometric screenings, health coaching, educational interventions, wellness challenges, and other wellness modules that help in improving employee health, build workplace wellness, and ultimately boost organizational productivity. Make sure yours meets the wellness needs of your workforce too.

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