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Employee Wellness Program – How to Build a Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Strategy?

Corporate Wellness Strategy

Employee wellness programs have become the necessity of the hour. Irrespective of the organization or its size, investing in a comprehensive well-designed employee wellness program is probably the best decision the company can make.

Many studies have proven that implementing robust workplace wellness solutions can offer many benefits like boosting employee engagement and making them healthier, happier, and more productive.

Although larger companies with a higher budget for employee wellness solutions could plan more structured, customized, and well-designed employee wellness programs, even small companies can customize a program that can meet their workforce’s specific health and wellbeing needs.

Having a single wellness program that can suit employee health needs and workplace program goals can be slightly tricky. And to make sure this is achieved, it is vital to have a well-planned wellness strategy that works to meet the goals of the entire workforce.

About Corporate Wellness Strategy

It is evident that corporate wellness programs have a huge impact on employee engagement, retention, productivity, and offer many other benefits. However, to achieve all of it, a strategic plan must be sketched ensuring the right modules and elements are taken care of.

One of the key elements that must be a part of the corporate wellness strategy are – the federal laws of compliance for employee health and privacy, along with the other specific health and wellbeing requirements.

Along with the federal laws, the risk management components must be a crucial part of the corporate wellness strategy.

Here are a few tips to assess employee wellness needs to build the right corporate wellness strategy.

Evaluate Employee Health and Wellness Needs

The first step to building a proper workplace wellness strategy is identifying and evaluating employee health and wellness needs. When there is a clear outline of the wellbeing requirements, it becomes easier to sketch a comprehensive wellness strategy.

Tracking Employee Engagement

After the specific health and wellbeing needs are identified and suitable modules are implemented, the next crucial strategy is to track participation and employee engagement. Regular tracking of employee participation can help in identifying the key areas with higher engagement. This gives a clear insight into the specific employee health and wellbeing requirements, the loopholes, and what needs to be redefined.

Wellness Program Evaluation and Assessment

Apart from implementing the right wellness modules and tracking engagement, continuous assessment of the progress and monitoring performance is vital to direct the wellness program towards success. Proper evaluation and assessment of the interventions and the entire employee wellness program helps in understanding its effectiveness.

Many studies have evidently proven the benefits of corporate wellness programs. So, organizations must list down their workplace wellness and business goals to build the right strategy and assess it success rates. A couple of common evaluation elements are –

  • Have the healthcare costs reduced?
  • Have the absenteeism and sick leaves reduced?
  • Has the employee productivity improved?
  • Is the wellness program motivating and engaging enough to ensure employee retention and loyalty?
  • Has the corporate wellness program improved the workplace culture?
  • Is the wellness program an integral part of the workplace strategies?

Why Customized Workplace Wellness Programs are the Right Option?

Having a comprehensive workplace wellness program can be quite a task, especially when a larger population group is engaging. And so, having a dedicated wellness committee or team is essential to make sure the entire program is well-designed, communicated, executed, and managed.

Implementing employee wellness programs from third-party vendors can be more effective and convenient at saving time, resources, and getting the best for the investment. Professional wellness program vendors can help in customizing the entire workplace program as per the specific health and wellbeing needs ensuring maximum engagement and ROI.

Many companies think just offering a readymade workplace program can bring the same benefits as reported by studies. However, it only incurs heavy losses of money and time. On the other hand, having a reputed wellness program vendor offering white-labeled wellness programs can provide easy access to –

Building a healthy workplace culture with values and beliefs that align with the business goals and employee satisfaction is the key to workplace wellness and organizational productivity. While it is proven that a comprehensive employee wellness program could do wonders to boost engagement and workplace wellness, it all starts by chalking out the right corporate wellness strategy.

If you are not sure how to start building your corporate wellness strategy, contact us.

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