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Employee Wellness Programs For Better Workplace Health and Stronger Teamwork

The core of any business is its people, and the employees play a huge role in making or breaking the organization. And companies that merge their business strategies with the right employee benefits and engagement strategies hold higher chances of better productivity and success.

Relationships at the workplace play a major role in employee wellness, workplace culture, and organizational productivity. And so, companies must work on the right employee engagement strategies that improve social connections in between them, which reflect in corporate wellness benefits.

Having strong social connections has proven to offer many health benefits, which echoes better employee engagement, workplace wellness, and organizational productivity.

These social connections amongst the workforce, also referred to as team building is essential to maintain cohesion at the workplace, for better collaboration, and positive workplace health. Effective working teams motivate each other to perform well, cultivate creativity, and also improve workforce loyalty and employee retention aspects.

Team Building and Employee Wellbeing

Team building and wellbeing programs both impact employee wellness in many ways. Focusing on the holistic wellness aspects of physical health, mental wellness, and social wellbeing, teamwork and wellness programs can together achieve success.

Focusing on the major wellness dimensions, team building and employee wellness programs together can help –

  • Employees instill healthy living habits
  • Improved company culture, workflow, and coordination
  • Better stress management
  • Allows employees to know their strengths and creativity
  • Breaks the ice and communication barriers
  • Mitigates any conflict and improves engagement
  • Allows employees to learn and improve more skills
  • Boosts employee morale and confidence
  • Enhances organizational trust and loyalty

Wellness Challenges for Team Building and Employee Health

Designing the right wellness program with appropriate wellness challenges and modules is essential for its success and to bring in the estimated positive outcomes. Apart from considering the wellness needs of the workforce, you also need to know their interests and capabilities, while making it a fun activity.

Here are a few ways by which you can improve team-building culture through workplace wellness programs

  • Team Challenges – Creating wellness challenges that involve the entire team improves coordination and communication in between them, in a fun way, impacting their collaboration at work too. The interdependency on each other during team challenges creates awareness of each other’s importance, thus building a healthy workplace culture.
  • Group Fitness Activities – Conduct group fitness classes like walking or running sessions, yoga, dance classes, pilates, or anything that suits the wellness needs of your workforce and also keeps them engaged well together.
  • Hosting Team Lunches – Take time out once or twice a month to host an on-site potluck or an off-site team lunch which not only unwinds the employees, but also helps spend time together and improves employee-employer relationships.
  • Volunteering opportunities – Volunteering has been known to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness. Set up volunteering activities for teams so they can work together and reap the health benefits and satisfaction together.

With an efficient team working together, it is more likely to resolve any work issue successfully. Also, with a happy team around, the chances of you being happier are more, reflecting in your overall wellbeing.

To know more about our wellness challenges and how they can help with team building and workplace wellness, sign up for our employee wellness programs.

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