Employee Wellness Study Reveals the Different Divergences of Corporate Wellness Solutions

Different Corporate Wellness Solutions

Employee Wellness Study Reveals the Different Divergences of Corporate Wellness Solutions

Employees lay the foundation for the success or fall of any business. The pandemic has forced employers to realize the importance of health and wellbeing, and how it impacts workplace productivity and ROI. 

recent study showed the multiple reasons causing stress and impacting employee wellness, especially since the pandemic began.

According to a Gallup study, almost 23% of the respondents felt burned out all the time at the workplace.

Poor employee wellness and burnout issues have impacted efficiency, engagement, and overall productivity. And so, many employers have started offering employee wellness programs to improve the workforce health and productivity.

A study conducted by a popular wellness statistic research department in cooperation with Shortlister reported the different employee wellness solutions that were in high demand, had a fast declining demand, and the must-have programs in the United States since the pandemic started.

1. Employee Wellness Solutions with Fast-Growing Demand

Around 132 benefit consultants in the United States were surveyed online in November 2020 to understand the employee wellness solutions that were rapidly growing in demand. Almost 40% of the respondents revealed financial wellness programs as the fastest in-demand workplace wellness solution. As a result, many companies have started incorporating financial wellness programs into the workplace wellbeing strategy. Growing demand for these wellbeing solutions paves the way for higher variation in the corporate wellness market.

2. Wellness Programs with Declining Demand

Out of the 132 benefit consultants in the United States who were surveyed in November 2020, around 42% agreed that health risk assessment programs had the fastest declining demand. As a result of the falling need to be incorporated into the employee wellness programs, HRAs were deemed to have an unlikely detour in the market.

3. Must-Have Corporate Wellness Solution Programs 

When asked what, according to them, were the must-have corporate wellness solutions, almost 58% of the 132 benefit consultants said that having an employee wellness platform was a critical requirement of their wellbeing strategy. A well-designed employee wellness platform with the right features is essential to drive engagement and the success of the wellbeing program. On the other hand, only 21% of the respondents preferred behavioral health programs as a must-have in the wellbeing program.

The key objective of employee wellness programs is to improve workforce health and workplace wellness. Since the health and wellbeing requirements of each employee are different from others, the one-size-fits-all concept will not give the desired results for the wellbeing programs. This is why customization of the employee wellness programs is crucial to ensure all the specific health and wellbeing needs are addressed. In addition to personalization, it is vital for the solutions to stay in line with the latest workplace wellness trends to ensure maximum engagement and ROI.