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Employee Wellness – What Employees Can Do To Maintain Good Mental Health During Lockdown?

Most of us are so habituated to our busy hustling lives – waking up, rushing to work, caught up in work stress, and at the end of the day rushing back home to complete the household chores, that we got no time for ourselves. However, with the recent COVID19 pandemic enforcing social distancing as an effective solution to control spread, most employers have considered remote working to ensure safe employee wellness and health.

Although the concern is assuring, the need to stay at home throughout the day, along with the bombarding news of the corona virus scare is more than enough to trigger anxiety and stressful emotions. Also, having to juggle in between multiple responsibilities of completing the work tasks, household chores, and catering to the kids and other family members, can get to the nerves of many, affecting their mental health and decision-making skills.

Here are a few tips and tricks with which your employee wellness and mental health can be taken care of during this remote working period.

Set Up A Daily Routine

Plan all the tasks for the next day a night earlier so there is a better idea of the things-to-do, and can allocate time accordingly. Give a cushion of few extra minutes for every task to ensure no rushing into any of it. Cook meals at the same time every day, have meals together at the regular times, and set times for exercising and sleeping. With a structured day pattern, all the work and mind will be organized, keeping stress at bay.

Maintain Social Connections

Despite having to follow social distancing with the outside world, take advantage of this lockdown period and spend more time with family members, kids, and pets. Make a phone call or video call to friends or family members and stay in touch with them. Making healthy social connections boost basic psychological needs and is a great way of boosting mental peace.

Declutter Your Home

Since the lockdown is giving extra time at home, why not make use of it to the fullest and clean up home? Discard the things that are not of use, and donate them to a non-profit. The decluttering will not just clean up the home creating more empty space, but will also prevent any dust-accumulated infections, giving many health wellness benefits.

Sign Up for our Wellness360 employee wellness programs and begin with the “40 items in 40 days” wellness challenge that entails you to discard at least 1 item every day for 40 days.

Time For Your Hobbies

Our busy lives give us little time to do what we love, and the immense dissatisfaction builds to our mental stress. Take some time out during this mental lockdown for hobbies and relieve stress. Try your hands at baking, gardening, read a mentally-undemanding book, crochet or knit, paint, or do anything that makes you feel good, helping you have peace of mind, and attain holistic wellness.

Exercise For Health Benefits

Ensure your employees spend at least 30 minutes a day for exercising. Have them look online for some easy home-workout videos and choose the ones that are suit their interests and health conditions. Make sure they get at least 150-minutes a week of moderately intense aerobic exercises releases endorphins that reduce mental stress, improve body flexibility, to stay healthy, and for many health benefits. Also include relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to keep relax the mind.

Our corporate wellness programs offer exercising wellness challenges to help them keep track of their physical activity.

Pamper Yourself

The self-isolation could stop your employees from going out for refreshment, but why not pamper themselves at home? Suggest taking time to cook and eat their favorite food at home, indulge in a healthy dessert, request a family member to massage and return the favor too, take good care of skin and hair with some amazing aromatic essential oils, or watch a fun movie with a bowl of popcorn, just to keep the mind at ease.

Of all the things, the most important thing to do is to take the mind off the hook. Assure them that work is important, but employee wellness and safety is more important to your company. Give them a sense of satisfaction that their employer cares about their employee health, which in turn, helps in improving employee engagement and loyalty, thus boosting organizational productivity too.

Sign up for our workplace wellness programs for your corporate wellness.

Create a culture of health that ensures your employees are healthy and happy not just at work, but also while working remotely.

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