Encouraging Audiobook Use Among Employees to Foster Lifelong Learning and Long-Term Wellbeing

Encouraging Audiobook Use Among Employees to Foster Lifelong Learning and Long-Term Wellbeing

The voluntary pursuit of knowledge after receiving formal education—also called lifelong learning—may seem intimidating, as it can be challenging to keep studying for personal or professional development. However, Utah State University reveals that lifelong learning can ultimately be rewarding. Over time, it can improve cognition and memory to reduce mental decline. It also encourages a feeling of positivity and accomplishment, which can improve self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to cope with stress. That means it’s not just good for cognitive health—it’s great for wellness, too.

This is why encouraging lifelong learning among your employees is essential. Our post “The Key Characteristics of High Performing Teams” emphasizes how perpetual learning allows them to acquire new and hone existing capabilities for the workplace, such as problem-solving and resilience. And since it also enhances long-term wellbeing, they stay healthy and productive in the process.

But how can you promote lifelong learning and long-term wellbeing among employees? Audiobooks may be the answer. Keep reading to learn more about how this digital format’s benefits go beyond entertainment and into the workplace—and how you can encourage employees to take advantage of them.

Benefits of audiobooks for employees

It allows them to learn on the go

At first glance, continuous learning takes a lot of effort. Employees might think they need to read books, watch informative videos, and attend classes on top of working. In comparison, listening to audiobooks isn’t as time-consuming. Employees can do it on their commutes, during breaks, or simply whenever they have the time. Indiana Public Media adds that audiobooks activate the same parts of the brain print books do—so despite being more convenient, listening to them on the go can reap similar learning benefits such as improved concentration and memory.

They don’t require expensive technology

Attending classes, going to conferences, and hiring a mentor are all methods that employees might consider to achieve lifelong learning. However, these can be expensive, discouraging them from pursuing further learning. Audiobooks are easy to listen to and don’t require expensive technology, which can encourage employees to improve their knowledge. They can use their mobile phones, laptops, and earphones—items they use daily. This way, they’re more motivated to learn.

How to encourage audiobook use in the workplace

Make audiobooks accessible

Despite the ease of use of audiobooks, employees may think they’re expensive. According to The Literary Lifestyle blog, the average price of an audiobook is $20-30, which can be a lot if employees are looking for long-term learning solutions. Luckily, you can point them to digital libraries that make audiobooks more cost-effective. Subscribing to Everand’s digital library costs almost the same as a book monthly but provides access to thousands of audiobooks spanning various genres and topics, like career and growth, finance and money management, and self-improvement. That way, they’re not just limited to audiobooks like Bright Dead Things by Ada Limón for leisure listening sessions—they’ll also have more informative and helpful options to choose from, like How to Be Better at Almost Everything by Pat Flynn. By connecting employees with such accessible resources, you can help them kickstart an audiobook habit for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Form a workplace book club

Although lifelong learning is achievable independently, Indeed’s article “11 Benefits of Collaborative Learning” notes that sharing perspectives can improve open-mindedness and creativity, and that’s something employees can achieve by discussing audiobooks together. Consider forming a workplace book club to motivate them to share what they learn as they listen. You can use digital tools to coordinate such clubs more easily. Downloading Bookclubs’ club management app can help you or interested employees create book clubs. There are options to hold meetings online and offline based on their preferences, and employees can also join non-workplace clubs based on their interests. It’s a great way to gain knowledge while forming an even stronger work culture, allowing employees to learn and prioritize their wellbeing through healthy interactions.

Using audiobooks allows employees to learn and improves their wellbeing. Try these tips to help them more easily and conveniently continue learning knowledge and skills to benefit their personal and professional development.