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Establishing A Morning Routine For Abundant Wellness Benefits

Everyone has habits – good or bad – it becomes a part of our life and leaves a huge impact on our everyday tasks and our long-term growth, and that is why it is crucial to cultivate habits that offer wellness benefits to help you flourish and attain holistic wellness.

Your morning actions structure your entire day and leave an impact on how you react and carry out your tasks for the whole day. The difference between having a morning routine that is energizing and efficient to one that is not well-planned or rushed into is what makes up for a day that is highly productive with a healthiness quotient or a day that is inefficient and unhealthy.

A daily routine should be one that keeps you energized, healthy, more organized, physically & mentally stable, and make you more productive while helping you save time and live a positive way of life. Here are a couple of morning routine ideas approved by many studies that supposedly improve your overall wellbeing.

  1. Waking Up Early – Wake up at least a few minutes earlier than your usual time and give enough time to carry out your other morning routine activities. If you are going to wake up early, make sure you go to bed earlier so that you can have a proper 8 hours of sleep. Do not snooze your alarm, and make sure you make your bed before you start with your other activities.
  2. A Glass Of Warm Lemon Water – Start your day by having a glass of warm lemon water to rehydrate your body after 8 hours of sleep, to activate your organs, flush out toxins, to prevent constipation, to improve metabolism, to keep inflammations & acidity levels under control, and to stay active throughout the day. Also, lemons provide the needed Vitamin C and other nutrients that helps kick-start the body’s digestion process and provides the needed energy to start your day on a healthy note.
  3. 30 Minutes Of Exercise – Research says that a 150-minute workout for a week i.e. a 30-minute every day session for 5 days of the week is essential to stay healthy and fit in the long run. Include different types of physical activities and exercises like yoga, cardio, strength training, HIIT, etc., or the easier walking, sports, climbing stairs, and more, to focus on different body areas. However, make sure you do only the activities that are suitable to your age and you are comfortable with.
  4. Never Skip Your Breakfast – The breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day since it provides the energy and nutrition to keep up with the tasks of your entire day. It acts as the fuel to energize the body, mind, and keeps you active throughout the day. Having a wholesome breakfast like eggs on toast with avocados, cereals with fruits, a veggie sandwich, a healthy smoothie, etc., give you feeling of fullness preventing binge eating, helping you stay healthy and cut-down on calories.
  5. Take Few Minutes To Plan Your Day – Experts suggest pre-planning your next day a night ahead is a good idea to avoid any last-minute rushes and to ensure your tasks are accomplished well systematically. Allot a few minutes in the morning to plan your entire day ahead – be it cooking and packing your healthy lunch or snacks to munch at work, cleaning up your bed & kitchen, making a to-do-list for the day, listing out the things you need to buy, and more – make sure you plan it ahead to allot sufficient time for all your tasks.

Planning, executing, and establishing a healthy morning routine helps you gain many health benefits, and your mind & body will thank you in the long-run for all the extra care you took to keep yourself hale, healthy, calm, and stronger – physically and mentally.

At Wellness360, we understand the importance of having a healthy morning routine to help you attain many wellness benefits, and so, we incorporate different wellness challenges in our corporate wellness programs that focus on healthy eating, physical activity & exercise, stress management, etc., to help build a positive culture of health at workplace, thus improving employee health and organizational productivity.

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