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Five Abilities All Advanced Employee Wellness Platforms Must Have

employee wellness platforms

A University employee wellness program revealed that almost 73% of the respondents appreciated the health assessments, 82% were really interested in the physical activity and exercise-related components, 90% were ready to sign up for another pedometer-based fitness tracking program, and 92% would participate again if a similar workplace wellness program was offered with similar tracking tools and modules.

A major reason for such high employee engagement is the employee wellness platforms and tracking software used in workplace wellness programs.

Wellness Platforms and Tracking Software

Employee wellness programs offer many different activities, wellness challenges, health coaching, reward points, incentives, and other modules. To track the activity log, health metrics, and overall progress of the wellness program, it is essential to have an advanced employee wellness platform. Apart from being customizable, flexible, and scalable, the wellness platform must be capable of supporting all the modules and features of the corporate wellness program.

Inclusive of the right wellness software and modules, the wellness platform must become an integral part of the comprehensive corporate wellness programs, helping the employees to reach their wellness goals. The tracking software and tools accentuate the overall employee experience through the health and wellness program, while checking on the behavioral changes and healthcare costs.

Like Wellness360, extensive workplace wellness programs should focus on multiple holistic wellness dimensions. Apart from the challenge library, pre-defined programs, health assessments, incentives, device integration, reporting, and health coaching, offering a personalized white-label wellness platform, like Wellness360, can be the best solution.

For better efficiency and robust operations, the employee wellness platform should be built using advanced technology, and the wellness programming must be flexible and scalable to support specific employee wellness demands and trends.

Here are a few pointers you need to consider while planning and choosing your employee wellness platform and tracking software for your corporate wellness programs.

1. Communication Hub

Many studies have shown that a majority of the employees are either not aware that their company offers an employee wellness program, or they are not sure how it will benefit them. That is why communication is a vital part of a successful workplace wellness program. Offer different communication modes through the wellness platform and program for the administrators to communicate with the employees, and also for internal communication, to ensure the message reaches them.

Our corporate wellness platform offers a wide communication hub with push notifications, email templates, and announcements that helps the administrators to convey information easily to the employees.

2. Health Coaching Platform

Health coaching gives a chance for the employees to interact with health coaches to discuss their health and wellness concerns, set the right wellness goals, and sketch a plan of action. An exclusive health coaching portal allows convenient communication between the health coaches and employees, schedule appointments, review assessments and reports, and have one-on-one discussions.

3. Tools and Resources

Right from the health assessment forms, online videos, webinars, educational resources, programs, daily tips, documents, and other tools for various other wellness purposes, your employee wellness platform must be capable of supporting and offering them all, 24 x 7.

4. Device and App Integration

With corporate wellness technology advancing rapidly, your wellness platform and the program must stay on par with the trends. Integration with fitness devices and tracking apps is probably one of the most important features of a good wellness platform. This not only allows easy logging of the nutritional and activity data, but also helps in quick tracking of the progress.

5. Extensive Reports of the Wellness Programs

Wellness challenges are an integral part of a comprehensive employee wellness program. These challenges are a healthy and fun way of engaging employees to participate and keep up with the wellness journey. A state-of-art wellness platform must allow customization of the wellness challenges to meet the unique employee wellness demands. The wellness programming of the platform must be capable of accommodating users to view, participate, and track the challenges. Also, the dashboard must give a broad insight into their performance and their progress in comparison with their colleagues. Furthermore, the platform must also provide enrollment data, engagement rates, incentive campaigns, integration data, and other details of the entire wellness program.

Additional Benefits of Wellness Technology and Tracking Software

Apart from the assessments, integration, metrics, reporting, and tools, advanced wellness tracking software gives insights into the overall health and wellness perspective of the employees, along with the answers to many workplace wellness queries, like –

  • What are the most common tools and features used by the employees?
  • How impactful are wellness challenges and program modules?
  • Has there been a change in employee behavior and absenteeism rates?
  • Is there a change in healthcare costs?
  • Overall analytics and metrics of all the modules and progress.
  • Has there been any improvement in the workplace culture and employee health?

Employers must inspire and empower their workforce to adopt healthy habits and lead a life of holistic wellness. With a fully-scalable integrative employee wellness platform that comes with an advanced wellness tracking software solution, employers can help employees achieve optimum wellness and build a productive workplace culture.

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