Five Fitness Tracker Mistakes That Affect Your Wellness Goals

Five Fitness Tracker Mistakes That Affect Your Wellness Goals

Advancements in technology come with its pros and cons, and one of the significant inventions in the tech-savvy world is the – Fitness Tracker. These devices carry sensors that detect and track your body movements to keep you tagged with your health quotient and help you reach your fitness goals. With the wearable device market turning out to be a highly promising sector, there is not an iota of doubt that they are being incorporated in the wellness programs and fitness industry.

Since many individuals and organizations have shifted the spotlight on their personal wellness and employee health matters, respectively, the well-being initiatives like corporate wellness programs are progressively including the use of these fitness trackers and its associated wearables aiming to improve overall employee wellbeing, productive workforce, and to create a culture of health at work.

Your fitness device is what helps you log the details of your everyday activities, keeps you tagged with your health and fitness progress, and alarms you about the requirements to meet your wellness goals. However, there are high chances that your wearable is not doing exactly what it should be doing, and the outcomes could mislead you. Here are the 5 possible mistakes you could be doing with your fitness device and tracker.

Fitness experts suggest keeping an eye on these aspects to know you are on the right track in meeting your fitness and wellness goals.

You Invested In The Wrong Device – This is probably a very common mistake that most beginners tend to do since they are under the impression that all fitness devices are the same. To avoid the wrong device from sabotaging your fitness upshots, make sure that you research well to find the wearable that is on par with your physical activity plans. So, if you are a swimmer, get a water-proof device, or if you are an active gymmer, a device that tracks heartbeats and counts calories would be helpful than one that just counts steps.

You Are Wearing The Device In The Wrong Place – A majority of fitness enthusiasts choose a fitness band to wear on the wrist rather than the waist trackers. Also, ensure that you do not wear the band on your dominant hand as a miscalculation could escalate the results when you use the hand more frequently for simple activities too. This could be quite misleading as you would not have done the needed actions to fulfill your everyday fitness goals, but the results could show you have.

Your Device Is Not Synced With A Health App – If you thought getting a wearable will help you reach your fitness goals and pave the way to holistic wellness, you are wrong. Factors like your sleep time, your food habits, your exercise time, calorie count, etc., are all bits and parts of the overall wellbeing puzzle. Since your fitness device alone cannot track all of these factors, you must sync your device with a suitable app. Our wellness programs are compatible and support syncing of many leading fitness devices and apps with our wellness platform.

You Are Not Updating Data And Stats – Your tracker needs to know about all the progress you are making in your wellness program, especially the changes in weight, calorie intake, and other vital records to keep a factual log of your readings, and sketch recommendations accordingly. Also, sharing your data will show you where you stand in your journey towards fitness and will keep you motivated to move ahead with your goals.

You Are Not Calibrating Or Resetting The Device – Although the fitness devices do calculate your steps and activities, you need to address the fact that it is all based on the algorithm. Your stride length on a plain surface could be different from that at a higher altitude, however, the distance traveled could be the same, and the device could miscalculate the step count based on stride length. So you need to calibrate your device accordingly or manually log the details. Also, if your device does not reset automatically for the new day, you will have to do it manually.

Your everyday life and future well-being depend on how physically and mentally healthy you are, and the same play a major role in the prosperity of your workplace too. To improve your employee health and help your organization achieve holistic wellness, our varying wellness challenges focus on several aspects of your overall well-being. To keep a track of the progress, you can connect your fitness device with our platform. Our wellness platform and programs support many leading fitness trackers and apps to make it easier for you to sync your health data and tune-up with your challenge progress.