Helping Managers in Your Company Evolve into Well-being Leaders

Helping Managers in Your Company Evolve into Well-being Leaders

Most of the employers in different companies are nowadays offering wellbeing programs to their employees. It has been observed that in the past five years 66% of the employers have managed to revamp through wellbeing offers. However, one of the biggest challenges that a company face while offering well-being programs is the participation and contribution of each employee. A health research report has observed that 80% of the total employees who participate in the wellness programs, ultimately back out. Therefore participation is a crucial factor in these programs.

At our company, more than 90% of our existing members have stated that our wellness programs have helped their organization to be a better workplace. Our experts have worked closely with many of those clients and their in-house organization team to yield brilliant results. Part of that program also offers positioning management, high-visibility employees and influence them to be wellness ambassador within the organization. These are individuals who help to foster impeccable change at the ground levels and are known by different names – ambassadors, wellbeing leaders, role models. 

Have a look at some important reasons why your middle and junior management can support you in wellbeing-

  • It’s about relatability – we already know that in a wellness program, the participation of senior staff and management is important. But the middle and junior management levels should not be neglected. It is not always that a lower or middle-level employee can relate with their boss because of a higher paycheck and power in the company. Therefore when others of the same level demonstrate and provide the information to them, it becomes more effective and fruitful.
  • Direct supervisors provide unspoken permission – when a senior board member or supervisor encourages a walking break or a few minutes of exercise before the lunch, it is important that the direct supervisors participate as well. When the immediate manager is in the program as well, it becomes a desired activity to participate in.
  • Managers can meet the department goals – as a manager if you are looking to incentivize your team, then there are several ways in which you can do so. Support how participating in these programs helps to lower the levels of absenteeism and also enhances engagement and productivity. Thus, the team members can work more efficiently and fulfill the department goals in a much better manner.
  • Includes wellbeing in regular 1:1 meeting – to make sure that a wellness program is an integral part of your company, you will have to bring it up and talk about it regularly. Since most of the managers in every company host at least one meeting, it is important that a topic related to wellbeing program is included in the meeting as well. They can also announce a wellbeing goal during this time.

Even though many companies are still skeptical about Wellness programs it is vital that you understand your employees need mental support during the work week also. By following these small Wellness steps your company will move towards a better organization where employees are not only happy but they can take care of their wellbeing as well. Your work and office culture will significantly improve and enhance the quality of performance in every member.