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Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Employee Wellness Apps

corporate wellness apps

There are plenty of studies confirming that employee wellness programs boost employee engagement, reduce healthcare costs, and improve workplace productivity. Owing to the successful outcomes of these corporate wellness programs, employers are now combining the 2 essential factors – employee wellness and employee benefits – as a single package for workforce satisfaction and business growth.

Corporate wellness programs include many initiatives and modules, including –

To make sure all these and many other corporate wellness program activities are conducted and managed properly, employers must use well-designed employee wellbeing platforms.

What are Employee Wellness Platforms and Corporate Wellness Apps?

Simply put, employee wellness platforms are web-based tools that help in organizing, executing, and managing corporate wellness programs. Ideally, corporate wellness programs must be able to carry out 4 key objectives –

  • Create awareness – Health assessments, biometric screenings
  • Motivate – Rewards, incentives, mobile apps
  • Tools to deliver – Wellness challenges, healthy habit programs, online resources
  • Support – Health coaching, social support, creating a healthy workplace culture

For the employee wellbeing platforms to be able to deliver and manage all the wellness program activities and tasks, they must be built with the latest corporate wellness software to be flexible and scalable.

In short, the employee wellness platforms should be able to carry out and manage everything related to the corporate wellness programs to boost employee engagement, changes in employee behaviors, adaptability to holistic changes, and overall improvement in employee health and wellness.

When the web-based employee wellbeing platforms are designed and built correctly, they must also work responsively on other mobile devices through a corporate wellness app.

Corporate wellness apps help in monitoring and maintaining employee health and wellbeing. Most employee wellness apps not only track physical activity, calorie intake, and sleep patterns, but also allow to carry out all the holistic wellness program activities like it would be done on the web-based wellness platform.

Having well-designed employee wellness apps make it convenient for the employees to participate, log, and track all their holistic wellness program activities from anywhere.

Apart from making it convenient for the employees to carry out their daily employee wellness program activities, having a good corporate wellbeing app also increases employee engagement rates and helps them achieve their wellness goals more enthusiastically.

What are the Benefits of Employee Wellbeing Apps?

Corporate wellness programs provide many benefits to employees and employers. Employee wellness apps can offer many benefits to the company. While the corporate wellness programs work to improve employee health and wellness through multiple holistic wellness initiatives, the workplace wellness apps deliver and make it all easy for the employees.

Here are the top 5 benefits of having a well-designed workplace wellness app for your corporate wellness programs.

1. Improves Employee Health and Wellbeing

One of the key objectives of employee health and wellness programs is to improve the employees’ holistic wellbeing. Healthy employees are happy employees, and they are relatively more productive than unhealthy or unhappy employees. So when your employees are healthy and happy, they turn up to work every day and are productive. This automatically reflects in lower absenteeism and presenteeism rates, thus growing the business. All this can happen easily when the employee wellness apps do their job at their absolute best.

2. Actively Track Employee Wellness

The employee health and wellness programs include many initiatives like holistic wellness challenges, healthy habits programs, coaching, online courses, and more. Employees must log and track their wellness activity into the platforms or the apps to participate or complete the wellness challenges, to track their step count, calorie intake, sleep time, and more. By logging these details, they can earn rewards and incentives. Employee wellness apps make it easy for the workforce to log and follow their activities easily, allowing them to track their wellness program progress.

3. Carry Health Risk Assessments

Health risk assessments and biometric screenings are key onboarding activities of employee wellness programs. They give an insight into the well-being status of the employees and help in identifying the potential health risk factors. Early detection of the risk factors or any underlying health conditions can help in designing employee wellness programs with the best-suited wellness modules that help in treating the conditions early to reduce further complications or to reduce potential risks. Workplace wellness apps must be equipped with the latest corporate wellness technology to support carrying out health risk assessments as web portals do.

4. Reduce Healthcare Costs

Wellness apps make it easy for employees to lead an active healthy life.  When the workforce is active and fit, it means they are healthy, which means lesser healthcare-related expenses. Reduced healthcare costs save companies a lot of wellness dollars from employer-sponsored healthcare funds, which can be invested wisely in the betterment of the employees and the workplace. Also, when employees spend less on healthcare from their own pockets, it saves them from financial stress or can also use them for a more productive purpose.

5. Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the key to the success of a corporate wellness program. Employee wellness apps are functional 24 x 7, and they are always available to assist employers and employees. Most of these health and wellness apps are built using the latest corporate wellness technology and software, which means they are reliable and accurate. Also, they can be integrated and synced with most of the popular wearable devices and tracking apps, which makes it convenient for employees to log their activities automatically and track them. All of this convenience makes the corporate wellness program an easy and interesting part of the employees’ lives, which in turn, plays a huge role in boosting employee engagement and consistency through the wellness program.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of employee health and wellness, and how it impacts workplace productivity and culture. Employers are now cautious and implementing corporate wellness programs to ensure employee wellness. They are ensuring that employees are engaged, having fun, and steady with the wellness program activities by offering employee wellbeing platforms and corporate wellness apps that make things easy for employers and employees.

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