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How A Dedicated Account Manager Can Drive A Corporate Wellness Program To Success?

While the concept of corporate wellness programs is trending, especially after the pandemic, the fact is that designing, launching, and maintaining a successful wellness program is daunting. It requires gathering information, planning, budgeting, and a lot more. It is probably one of the hardest things to be done as it calls for employees changing their lifestyle habits.

Creating, implementing, and running the corporate wellness programs require tasks that may feel like moving mountains. Be it planning the modules, putting up posters, sending out emails, or anything else you need to do to keep the momentum on – it needs a lot of effort and resources.

But how good would it be if you had an expert to take care of all the wellness program tasks and work to ensure its success?

Well, one thing that most organizations with successful employee wellness programs have is a dedicated account manager or a team of account managers.

Dedicated account managers of the employee wellness programs manage everything about the wellbeing programs – right from the on-boarding process to the ongoing wellness activities. With their expertise, they save the time of trial and error, and work towards running the best possible wellbeing program.

What Account Managers do for a Successful Employee Wellness Program?

Simply put, a dedicated corporate wellness program account manager –

  • Is a technical consultant – who collects all the needed information to design, run, and manage the employee wellbeing program
  • Their expertise, knowledge, and experience is what ensures the success of the wellness programs
  • Their specialized practices help in making better decisions to design the program modules, wellness challenges and activities.
  • They measure the effectiveness, ROI, and VOI of the wellness program with the best suitable metrics, and help stay on the right track.
  • They constantly work towards aligning the wellness program modules with the business goals and workplace culture.

They are the Wellness Technical Consultants

Account managers of the workplace wellness programs are technical experts with deep knowledge about corporate wellness technology, program modules, activities, wellness challenges ideas, and other features to be a part of the offered employee wellbeing programs. They know what questions should be rightly asked to get the most details about employee health and also have answers to most of the questions. They focus on building solutions and tools that can seamlessly integrate the program modules and direct the wellbeing program towards success.

They Offer all the needed Wellness Program Expertise

It is imperative, and most wellness programs account managers have the required training and expertise they need in the corporate wellness market. They are usually trained under courses designed specifically to assist with workplace wellness, employee benefits, human resources, and other workplace management disciplines. In addition to their certifications and knowledge, their hands-on experience is what counts as a complete package while choosing the wellness program accounts manager. The wellness account manager puts to use all their expertise, experience, and observances to understand the business goals, employee wellness needs, and other aspects to design the best-suited wellness challenges and activities for a successful corporate wellness program.

They Make Better Wellness Decisions

Corporate wellness programs are a broad term used to describe many different processes, activities, wellness challenges, events, and more, all aimed to help employees achieve holistic wellness and improve workplace wellness. They study the business goals well, along with the workplace culture policies, budget, employee demographics, and other particulars to determine and make the right decisions to set up a suitable corporate wellness program. In addition to designing it, they also guide the wellness program administrators and employees throughout the program to ensure high employee engagement and success rates.

They Measure the Effectiveness and Success of the Wellness Programs

With thorough knowledge and expertise about the corporate wellness programs, account managers are aware of the right evaluation metrics that must be assessed to measure the effectiveness, impact, and overall ROI of the wellness program. The most common evaluation metrics, both lagging and leading indicators include –

  • Employee engagement rates
  • Employee turnover
  • Healthcare costs
  • Absenteeism rates
  • Organizational productivity
  • Workplace culture

As the account managers keep checking and reviewing the wellness program metrics, they tweak the program modules if needed to ensure they achieve the desired program goals.

All put together, the ultimate aim of an account manager is to identify, curate, and manage the different aspects of a corporate wellness program. They work to make it a success by boosting employee engagement, improve workplace wellness, reduce healthcare claims, and lower the risks of chronic health diseases. They play a key role in driving the company’s corporate wellness program towards success. So, if you are getting an employee wellness program for your company, make sure you have an expert account manager on the team to manage it.

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