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How Corporate Wellness Programs Aid In Better Organizational Productivity?

With an almost 12% increase in 6 years in the number of businesses and organizations offering corporate wellness programs to promote employee health and wellness gains, most employers now seem to understand the underlying importance of workplace wellness and its association with employee productivity & organizational productivity. There are tons of evidence to prove that the well being of the employees and their health conditions reflect their efficiency, and are directly proportional to the productivity of the company. Hence, more and more companies in the US are working on providing health and fitness maintenance at the workplace.

A RAND Corporation study showed that every $1 invested in the employee wellness program yielded an ROI of $1.50. More than 60% of organizations invested in corporate wellness programs with the primary intention of getting raising the value for the investment made. Although these stats could work wonders in convincing the businesses to pitch in to avail of the corporate wellness program ideas, here are a few more pointers that win over them more effectively.

Guidance For Lesser Lifestyle-Related Diseases

Despite knowing it is harmful, lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol consumption have become common stress-busters in the busy lives of people. The cost of treating lifestyle-related medical diseases has been on the rise, and it tends to become a financial burden to the families and also to the organizations if the person is covered under medical insurance. In order to prevent losing funds this way, companies could consider enrolling under workplace wellness programs to ensure better lifestyle management and healthy behaviors. The healthier the employees are, the lesser is the lifestyle-related diseases, and the better is the company’s productivity.

Employee Engagement For Better Efficiency And Flexibility

Most companies have their employee’s multi-tasking and wearing many hats. Every new day may come up with new work strategies, and it absolutely needs the employees to adapt to the change, stay flexible with the strategy, work efficiently on it, and flourish the workplace. If the employees are not mentally healthy, a tiny bump in the routine may seem insurmountable. With the right wellness programs, you can work to improve the mindfulness of the workers and enhance employee engagement, which could be a game-changer to the disengaged workers, and help them move ahead with the flow at work.

Better Focus And Higher Cognitive Benefits

Organizations depend on their employees for their ROI. Prolonged health disorders could result in increased absenteeism, lack of focus, depleting morale, etc., could be the parameters that adversely affect the employees, and in turn, the productivity of the company decreases. On the other hand, investing in corporate wellness programs to promote the physical and mental health of the employees could result in better physical health conditions, higher concentration & focus, increased creativity, prolonged mental stamina, and better overall performance by the employee, thereby, improving the organizational productivity.

It is very obvious that a physically and mentally healthy employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is indeed a very productive employee. When organizations end up availing for the workers, the employers and the employees are bound to benefit from it. At Wellness360, we aim to promote corporate wellness programs the holistic wellness of employees for a better mind, body, and health with our customized wellness programs and activities, leading to more happiness and success, at the workplace and at home.

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