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How To Choose the Right Corporate Wellness Platform for Your Employee Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness platform

Thanks to advancing technology, workplace culture, and employee wellbeing have grown immensely across the world. While a majority of our tasks have become easier, it has also led to a sedentary lifestyle. Most employees work at their desks for long hours without any physical activity. This has impacted their health and wellbeing, impacting their productivity and increasing healthcare costs. To mitigate such issues and promote healthy habits, employers are implementing employee wellness programs.

Employee wellness programs have become a trending part of workplace benefits packages. Companies are promoting healthy lifestyle habits that focus on holistic health through employee wellbeing programs. Most robust and comprehensive program vendors deliver these modules through a cloud-based corporate wellness platform. Such wellness portals make it easier for employees to access their program modules from anywhere at any time. Also, it is easier for the program administrators to execute, manage, and track the progress of the entire program through the wellness portal.

Having a corporate wellness platform to run employee wellbeing programs has become a necessity, and employers are ready to shell in the extra amount to bring on board a dynamic wellness portal that is flexible, scalable, and compatible with the latest wellness software and technology. However, not everything is as rosy and easy as it may seem.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the employee wellness platform for your workplace program.

The Wellness Platform’s Global Scalability and Operations

Globalization of organizations is the real way of business expansion and growth. However, operating the company in its entirety while supporting its global ambitions can get complicated at times. The same concept must be applied even while choosing the employee wellness platform. Despite having offices at different global locations, the workplace wellness program must be available to the entire workforce, irrespective of the location, since employee health and wellbeing are still the company’s responsibility. In such cases, the employee wellness portal must also be flexible, scalable, and secure enough to support the global wellbeing program features, irrespective of geographical barriers.

The employee wellness portal must be capable of creating and handling multiple wellbeing campaigns for different teams across all the locations, and running them synchronously and smoothly.

Does the Wellness Portal Support Incentive Management?

Offering rewards and incentives are effective employee engagement strategies. When the workforce is appreciated and rewarded for their efforts, they are motivated to do better. Including incentive management in workplace programs can instill a sense of accomplishment in the workforce and enhance the impact of employee wellness solutions. The incentive management program must be capable of assigning the best-suited rewards to different workplace health activities. The portal must support logging activities to earn rewards, redeem incentives, and track it all smoothly from the employee and employer perspectives.

Is there a Corporate Wellness App?

Mobile apps are now an integral and vital part of our daily lives. From waking up on time, ordering utilities, and completing tasks, to taking care of our wellbeing, mobile apps support us with everything. Similarly, a corporate wellness app can easily deliver and render all the employee wellbeing program modules and activities. Ideally, a good corporate wellness program app must allow tracking physical activities, log details, participating in wellness challenges, earning and redeeming rewards, real-time reporting, and more. With the right action plan, design, and features of the mobile app, the positive impact of the wellbeing program can be enhanced. And so, it is mandatory to check if the wellness provider is offering a good corporate wellness program app with the portal and review its features.

The Ease of Setting Up and Managing the Employee Wellbeing Program

The key objective of having a robust digital wellness platform is to streamline the entire employee wellness solution. With the corporate wellness market blooming with several vendors, it is time to choose the best option where you don’t have to work on building the wellness platform from scratch. Whether designing the platform, planning the strategies, or personalizing the features, the vendor must be ready with it all. The customization should allow easy management and integration of tools and resources that meet the specific wellbeing needs of the workforce. In short, the entire program setup and management must be automated and allow a seamless flow of actions.

Post-Launch Vendor Support

Apart from engaging employees, the other huge challenge to the program administrators and HR teams is dealing with the technical issues of the corporate wellness platform. And this can become a bigger issue if it has to be dealt with by the employees. At such times, having the support team resolve the issues at the earliest is very important to ensure the smooth resumption of the program activities. Understand the support structure of the corporate wellness program vendor to know their past experiences and credibility in fixing support issues.

Ideally, corporate wellness platforms are an integral and crucial element of the employee wellbeing program. The customization abilities and modules of the wellness portal are the key parameters that can impress a potential client. As the right wellness portal delivers program solutions to the workforce, it can transform the workplace culture and improve employee wellbeing.

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