How To Incorporate Step Challenges for Your Corporate Wellbeing Programs?

Step wellness challenge ideas

How To Incorporate Step Challenges for Your Corporate Wellbeing Programs?

Employee wellbeing has become a top priority for many employers. There is enough evidence proving the impact of employee health and wellbeing on workplace productivity and overall business. And so, employers have started offering corporate wellbeing programs with the right employee wellness solutions to ensure their health and wellbeing, reflecting better workplace productivity.

Many studies have proven the benefits of corporate wellbeing programs. However, the concept of health makes people wonder if it is boring. Also, with the monotonous wellness program activities, the workforce may lose interest, thus reducing employee engagement and success chances of achieving their wellness goals.

Incorporating the right corporate wellness challenge activities are effective employee engagement strategies. They can keep the workforce interested in the wellness challenges and also help them cultivate healthy habits for holistic health.

With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting physical activity, it has influenced overall employee health. Studies show that employees who are physically active and fit take almost 27% fewer sick leaves. And so, many employers are incorporating corporate wellness challenge ideas that promote physical activity.

The most common and simple wellness challenge idea to promote adequate physical activity is the step challenge. Easy activities like walking around the house and doing household chores also count through the step challenges, improving employee fitness level.

How to Encourage Walking Wellness Challenge Ideas?

Walking is probably the simplest physical activity that can help employees become fit and active at no extra cost. Implementing step challenge activities as a part of the employee wellness programs can help build a healthy workplace culture.

Here are some easy ways to help employees add more activity for their walking wellness challenges of the employee wellness programs through their everyday routines.

1. Include Walking Challenge Ideas

Many studies have reported that getting 8000 – 10,000 steps a day is good to maintain a healthy and fit body. Hosting walking challenge ideas can help in boosting physical activity, while creating a healthy sense of competition within the workforce.

2. Ditch the Elevator, Take the Stairs

Encourage employees to take the stairs instead of the elevator to increase their daily step count. Taking the stairs elevates cardio-pulmonary action and keeps the leg muscles in movement, making it a good workout session. Put up creative posters at the workplace near the elevator or the stairs, or send them virtual ecards to encourage the workforce.

3. Virtual Wellness Challenge Ideas

Since the pandemic has restricted outdoor activities, employees are losing out on their regular physical activity. Even the daily commute and walking around the workplace has ceased due to the remote working situation. Including virtual wellness challenge ideas can be effective employee engagement strategies that make step challenges fun and exciting. The gamification factor motivates employees to participate and achieve their goals while enjoying the whole challenge. Wellness360 offers exciting and adventurous virtual wellness challenge ideas to ensure maximum employee engagement and encourage physical activity.

4. Rewards and Incentives

Nothing encourages better performance and activity than incentives for completing them. Offering rewards and incentives for completing daily step challenges can encourage individuals and teams to achieve their goals. Employers can offer simple rewards like sponsored-team lunches, company-branded merchandise, and likewise to motivate them to complete their daily step goals.

5. Encourage Walking Activities

Sitting at the desk for long times is known to affect posture and cause musculoskeletal disorders. Encourage employees to take small breaks of 5 – 10 minutes after every hour. Arrange walking paths around the workplace with greenery to help them refresh with nature. Organize walking meetings with the management leading as good examples.

6. Corporate Wellness Apps

Pedometers help in tracking steps and understand their progress through the walking or step wellness challenges. Having a robust corporate wellness app or wellness program platform that tracks all the physical activity can encourage walking and other activities. The wellness app and platform must be compatible to integrate with other third-party fitness devices and apps like Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, and more, to make it easy for employees to log and track their physical activities, thus boosting participation and employee engagement of the corporate wellbeing programs.

Adding a little physical activity to our daily lives can make a huge difference to employee health and wellbeing. By including fun and engaging corporate wellness challenge ideas, along with other gamification aspects in the corporate wellbeing programs, employers can promote holistic wellbeing and boost employee engagement, thus improving workplace productivity and overall business growth.