How to Introduce Digital Health Solutions through Corporate Wellness Programs?

How to Introduce Digital Health Solutions through Corporate Wellness Programs?

Before the pandemic started, it was nearly impossible for certain employees, especially from the Baby Boomers and Gen Z generations to adopt technology at their workplace. But the COVID-19 pandemic had led to lockdowns of offices and public places, forcing employees to adopt technology to work remotely. Employees had to communicate and start using digital tools like Zoom, Slack, Meet, and other share drives like Dropbox and Google, to stay connected and get their work done.

In 2021, employees have become more tech-savvy, and they are comfortable more than ever using technology, even to improve their health and wellbeing. Many employers have started implementing employee wellness programs to boost employee engagement, wellbeing, and productivity. From cultivating healthy habits to improving their physical fitness, managing stress, and maintaining work-life balance, employees have got used to the technology and new changes to keep themselves safe and to continue with their jobs.

So if employers are looking to introduce digital health and wellness platforms to their workplace, this is probably the best time. Not only are the employees all set to utilize technology, but they are also ready to explore new tools. However, for this transition to happen, employers must support them through these adjustments to ensure the change comes while the employees maintain their physical, mental, financial, social, and other holistic wellness dimensions.

Here are 3 simple steps by which your organization can introduce a wellness program platform and other digital health solutions to support employee health and wellbeing.

Educate about Employee Health and Wellbeing

Unless employees are aware of the different digital health solutions and wellness technology, they might not be comfortable using it. Also, educating employees about the benefits of the corporate wellness programs and its modules can motivate them to participate and engage well. Employers can conduct online health assessments through the corporate wellness platform to plan the best-suited modules based on the evaluations. Be it mental wellness initiatives or financial education, employers can offer the right online educational resources and other media through the wellness portal to educate, create awareness, guide, and assist employees through their wellbeing journey.

Offering Different Technology and Digital Health Solutions

Studies have shown that employers are the trusted source of reliable information about COVID-19. So employers are leveraging this trust to introduce and support employees to use digital health platforms and wellbeing solutions. With many employees already working remotely, employers are taking advantage of the current situation to implement employee wellbeing initiatives with digital wellness program platforms and other solutions. Right from sending work emails to participating in employee wellbeing initiatives, using the corporate wellness platform, and interacting with other co-workers through the messengers, employers are introducing different technology applications and supporting employees to utilize them to the fullest.

Choosing the Right Digital Wellbeing Approach

If you thought designing and executing corporate wellness programs is difficult, it is more daunting to get the employees to participate and engage. Successful employee engagement defines the success of the employee wellbeing programs. And to ensure success, it is important to implement the right employee engagement strategies. One of the key factors to boosting employee engagement is offering suitable wellbeing modules. Employers can conduct assessments and pulse surveys to understand employee wellbeing requirements and interests to plan the modules. When employees are getting what they need, they are sure to participate and engage.

  • Depending on the workplace dynamics, employers can include digital health solutions like –
  • Workplace safety and health screening tools
  • Virtual wellness challenge ideas
  • Holistic wellness challenge ideas for financial, mindfulness, and more
  • Preventative and Disease Management programs
  • Device integration for activity tracking
  • Rewards management system to offer incentives
  • Other online educational resources

Connecting the Dots for a Single Effective Digital Solution

Every organization has different groups of employees – age groups, cultural backgrounds, healthcare needs, and comfort levels for using digital health solutions. And so, the one-size-fits-all approach does not fit well for the employee wellness solutions. Personalization is the key to drive maximum employee engagement and success of the corporate wellness programs. The right corporate wellness technology can help employers seek AI recommendations to create personally relevant content for employees. With personalized digital health solutions that meet the unique and specific employee wellbeing needs, the workforce is more likely to engage and achieve their wellbeing goals.

Right from the relevant corporate wellness challenge ideas, to chronic disease management and behavior change programs, employees can find all the needed wellbeing solutions integrated into a single wellness program platform equipped with the latest corporate wellness technology.

When all the required employee wellbeing solutions are available on an easy-to-navigate corporate wellness platform, it becomes easier for the employees and employers to engage and track progress.

With the evolving employee health and wellbeing trends, people are also looking for ways to adapt to the changes. Introducing digital health solutions is an effective way to build a healthy and resilient workforce, while keeping them up with the latest technology trends that resonate better with business growth and employee wellbeing.