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How to Plan a Summer Workplace Picnic as a Part of Your Corporate Wellness Programs?

Summer is here, and so are the opportunities to embrace nature. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees to stay indoors for a long time and work remotely. While remote working has received mixed feelings, most studies showed that employee wellbeing and mental health were severely impacted.

With workplaces reopening, employers are looking for different ways to ensure employee wellbeing. And as summer is here, it is a great time to implement well-planned corporate wellness programs with the right employee engagement strategies.

Apart from including suitable wellness challenges ideas, the corporate wellness programs must also include other fun activities and events to ensure maximum employee engagement and overall workplace wellbeing.

One such effective way to make sure the entire workforce is engaged and active is by hosting an office picnic. With the summer loaded with fun and sun, it is a great time to have a workplace picnic.

Here are a few tips to help you smoothly plan a workplace picnic.

  1. Outline the Goals

Whenever you are planning something, it is important to outline the goals of organizing the event. Similarly, the first step to planning a summer workplace picnic is to understand the goals behind hosting this event. Along with the benefits and budget of the corporate wellness programs, it is also important to consider the benefits that the summer picnic will offer, and understand if it will align with the business goals of the company. The key goals must include – building stronger teams, educating the workforce, and as a token of appreciation.

2. Plan a Potential Menu

Office picnics are a great way to educate about healthy recipes and emphasize the importance of nutrition. With the colorful and fresh summer seasonal produce overfilling the markets, the office picnics can be an excellent opportunity to introduce employees to new healthy recipes and produce, which they are not aware of or were not interested in earlier. Suggest each team brings in 2 or 3 seasonal produce recipes, enough for everyone to share. Some easy food options can include – salads, sandwiches, deviled eggs, grilled veggies, healthy brownies, frittatas, and more. Make sure there are salads, sides, mains, desserts, and drinks included.

3. Plan the Wellness Activities

The summer weather is an excellent time to host a perfect workplace picnic with outdoor wellness activities for individuals and teams. Conduct an employee survey poll and know what kind of outdoor events are the employees interested in having on their picnic. Offer suggestions like hiking, yard games, ball games, net games, and volunteering events. Plan the summer wellness challenge activities based on employee interest to ensure maximum employee engagement. Make sure you have rewards and incentives for the winning individuals and teams.

4. Make a Checklist

Planning a company-wide picnic or any event for that matter can be confusing and overwhelming. Make a checklist for easier planning and execution to ensure all the groundwork is covered and organized well. A simple checklist can include pointers like –

  • Management Approval – If the company management has approved the event.
  • Guest List – Only employees or are family & friends included?
  • Date & Location – Set a date and location that is comfortable for all employees.
  • Commute – Are the employees coming to the location by themselves or transport have to be arranged?
  • Conduct Employee Pulse Surveys – Know what employees want to do and require for the workplace picnic.
  • Communicate – Spread the word about the picnic by different communication modes.
  • Plan the Rewards – Check the company budget and plan the incentives for the wellness challenge activities.
  • Set Everything – Write down and set everything – commute facilities, tables, chairs, trash cans, tents, water cans, plates, spoons, glasses, activity items, and all the others needed for your workplace picnic.

Organizing a workplace picnic can be beneficial in many ways to the employees and employers. Some of the well-known benefits of a workplace picnic include –

  • Stronger Teamwork

Though the employees work together the entire day, they might not really spend time with each other or know others. An office party or picnic is a great way to help them relax and spend time enjoying each other’s company. It will ensure that they work well together back at the workplace, build stronger teams, and create a healthy workplace culture.

Better Employee Mental Wellbeing

Summer is usually conceived as a season of beaches, sun, and fun. But for employees who work around the year, it is just another day and season. The heavy workload and monotonous life is bound to cause stress and disrupt their work-life balance. Taking them on occasional office picnics or fun events can relieve stress and workload, improving overall employee mental wellbeing. Even one day off from work spent to enjoy themselves and embracing nature can rejuvenate them to work well the next day.

  • Educational Opportunities

Educating in a fun and engaging way is easy and more likely to have a positive impact on people. Workplace picnics can be a great opportunity to educate employees about healthy recipes, physical activities, and other wellbeing aspects.

  • Winning Employee Trust

When people are appreciated, they are bound to work harder out of gratitude and to retain that reputation. Along with offering corporate wellness programs, hosting fun events like workplace picnics can be a great way to appreciate your employees for their hard work. When you invest in your employee’s wellbeing, they will feel valued and appreciated, and in turn, work to the best abilities in their workplace. This boosts employee retention rates, reducing the extra costs incurred for employee turnover.

With this plan to create an amazing workplace picnic, you can relieve your employees of their stress, and help them enjoy the summer bliss. So, add workplace picnic plans to the list of your effective employee engagement strategies. By spicing up the employee wellbeing initiatives, the corporate wellness programs will be a sure success, and will keep employees healthy, happy, engaged, and motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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