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How Worksite Wellness Apps Can Simplify Your Corporate Wellness Programs?

Businesses are run by their workforce, and companies are now looking to implement corporate wellness programs to boost employee engagement and productivity. The primary aim of organizations is to reduce employee turnover and healthcare costs, while improving employee health and wellness, and productivity.

Apart from incorporating the emerging corporate wellness trends, wellness programs must also support the latest wellness technology.

To have a competitive edge in the market, it is vital to have a robust and scalable wellness platform that is built with leading-edge wellness software and is compatible with the most modern tech trends and employee wellness demands.

Employee engagement is the key to a successful employee wellness program.

The key to making the wellness program a success is to ensure the employee engagement tools and program modules like wellness challenges and other activities are interesting and easy to participate in.

With advancing technology making tasks easier for everyone in most fields, it is mandatory for your employee wellness programs also to stay in line with the latest trends.

Offering a dedicated mobile app that supports employee wellness programs is a great way of ensuring maximum participation and engagement.

The ideal worksite wellness app, like MyHealthPlus from Wellness360, must offer all the important features offered through the web wellness platform. Right from the onboarding activities like Health Risk Assessments and connecting fitness devices, to other wellness activities like logging food and exercise details, health coaching, incentives, and tracking real-time progress, a complete wellness app should be capable of doing it all.

Here are a few reasons how a worksite wellness app can streamline your wellness program activities easily.

Personal Health Assessment

Health risk assessments are one of the primary onboarding activities of any corporate wellness program. These evaluations, along with biometric screenings, give an insight into the overall health risk levels and wellness quotient of the individuals. Wellness portals make it easy for employees to complete these assessments amidst their job hustles. Since every employee nowadays owns a smartphone, having a worksite wellness app that can offer the same wellness assessments makes it easier for the employees to complete them on time.

Delivering Workplace Wellness Challenges

Workplace wellness challenges are an integral part of many comprehensive corporate wellness programs. The right wellness challenge ideas can turn out to be effective employee engagement strategies. Typical wellness apps make it easier for the employees to enroll for the wellness challenges, log the activity details, and track progress on the go. Similarly, with the other healthy habits programs, employees can start the program of their choice at any time from their mobiles, without having to log into the web platform every time.

Wellness Tracking of Engagement and Activity

A worksite wellness app built based on the latest wellness technology trends must automatically sync personal health behaviors and activity progress. Viewing the progress motivates employees to keep up with their wellness journey. With a good wellness app, the activity data can sync automatically from wearable devices like Fitbit or tracking apps like Apple Health. All your activity data gets synced from the wearable or tracking apps to the app, making it easier to track activity progress.

Tracking Rewards and Incentives

Talking of motivation and high engagement, rewards and incentives are proven employee engagement strategies. As the employees keep completing the assigned wellness activities, they can keep earning the set reward points. The incentives can either be e-gift cards, HSA or 401(K) contributions, or other preferred employee benefits and services. Right from administering the incentive campaigns, to making it easier to earn the points, validate, redeem, and track the wellness program incentives, the worksite wellness apps, like MyHealthPlus from Wellness360, must be able to fulfill all the activities easily.

Corporate wellness programs aim to help employees adopt healthy habits and behaviors, and achieve holistic wellness. In addition to creating a positive workplace culture that promotes health and wellness, employers must focus on the right employee engagement strategies for the users to maintain and continue with the healthy changes.

Well-designed worksite wellness apps streamline the wellness activities for employees. This helps them stay engaged and motivated to lead healthier lives. It also simplifies wellness tracking to help employees improve their healthy habits that reduce potential health risks and healthcare costs, thus boosting productivity and overall business.

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