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Incorporating Fun Activities Into Your Corporate Wellness Program – Why And How?

Is there anyone who started playing a fun game, and stopped in between, when they know they are doing well? None, isn’t it?

What more reason does one need to incorporate games and fun activities into their corporate wellness programs when the aim is to keep the users persistent through their wellbeing journey.

Why Including Fun Activities In Your Wellness Program Is A Good Idea?

Workplace wellness programs are all about increasing employee engagement and making the challenges more pleasing while helping the users get healthy and fit. However, most wellbeing programs are usually touted to be boring, tiresome, and a bummer. The very idea of a wellness program makes people think about a strict diet and a lot of tedious workouts. And, it is enough reason to dissuade them from going a long way through their wellness expedition.

On the contrary, including games and fun activities into these wellbeing programs makes the users think of it as refreshment from the mundane works, encourages them to participate in it, and makes the program a success.

Quite a few research studies show validate that integrating fun activities, games, and sports in wellness programs can help improve their overall health and wellbeing in many ways, like –

  • Improves Social Relationships – Games, activities, sports, etc., are usually team actions, which helps employees break the ice, communicate, bond, socialize, and share a better relationship with each other.
  • Activates Brain Cells And Improves Creativity – Play and activities improve concentration and memory power of the brain, allowing it to think of various solutions for the challenges, thus, making it more active and sharp.
  • Reduces Stress – Endorphins are released when people play or when they are excited, and these hormones help in warding away the feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, and also keep your mind off the stressors.

How To Incorporate Play Into Your Workplace Wellness Program?

Sketching wellness challenges which are engaging, enjoyable, and help users improve their health aspects could be quite a task, and you will have to consider many factors before assigning one.

Take into account the employee group, their demographic data, health conditions, interests, and other factors before a fun or play activity is assigned to them. Start by keeping it easy and entertaining, and avoid activities that demand too much interaction or strain in the beginning, as it may overwhelm the participants. Remember, your goal is to reduce stress and make them happy, and not apprehensive.

Include different types of play and fun activities like – Tug-of-war, ball games, board games, puzzles, video games, LEGO blocks, origami, art & craft, coloring & painting, clay modeling, and more.

There are umpteen ways of making the workplace wellness programs a fun activity. All you need to do is know the interests of your employees and channel the right challenges to them.

At Wellness360, our wellness platform is very user-friendly, and you can configure your own wellness challenges keeping your employees interests and company’s resources in mind. Also, our pre-defined challenges have been designed to focus on various wellness facets, to help the employees acquire holistic wellness by adopting healthy habits, and also help improve the organizational productivity of the venture.

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