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Key Pointers To Achieve Sustained Weight Loss And It’s Health Benefits

If being overweight was already dampening your spirits, the fact that being obese could lead to many other chronic illnesses could be even scarier. And so, the focus is to lose weight to maintain a healthy height-to-weight ratio. However, losing weight quickly with fad diets and high-intensity workouts may not help in the long run, and the chances of gaining back the weight are higher on the cards.

Losing just 5% – 10% of the excess weight could offer relatively better health benefits and improve your overall health. And so, it is important to adopt the right methods and stick to the plan to achieve your sustained weight loss goal.

Obesity And Its Associated Health Disorders

Obesity has become one of the biggest contributors to many health issues in the past few years, and if not controlled on time, it could lead to many health disorders, a few including –

  • Hypertension
  • Blood Pressure Fluctuations
  • High Cholesterol Levels
  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • Increased Stress
  • Early Osteoarthritis
  • Reduced Flexibility
  • Sleep Apnea

Also, being overweight could reduce your self-esteem, causing stress and loss of confidence that could affect your performance at work and be the cause for many other underlying health issues.

Key Pointers For Sustained Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose excess weight to gain wellness benefits, you need to start your weight reduction journey by understanding the basics of losing weight, the dynamics behind it, and their science, to know the correlation of the various parameters and sketch your weight loss plan accordingly for sustained weight loss and holistic wellness.

In short, a nutritious diet accompanied with the right amount of physical activity, along with healthy lifestyle habits are the key pointers for sustained weight loss and to reap many other health benefits in the long run.

  1.  Diet For Weight Loss – Choosing foods that aid in weight loss, low in fat, and are packed full of nutrients is vital to healthily lose the excess weight. A balanced diet including different foods groups especially vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, nuts, whole grains, legumes, beans, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins like fish, turkey, and chicken, can aid in losing weight while providing the needed nutrients. Ensure you distribute your calorie intake across frequent smaller meals as the consumption and expenditure of these smaller amounts of food will aid in weight loss and calorie burn. Furthermore, make sure you stay hydrated all the time to stay active and for better detox mechanisms.
  2. Exercise For Weight Loss – In addition to a calorie-restricted nutritious diet, exercising regularly is very important to aid in healthy weight loss. Enough physical activity and the right exercises improve the metabolism capacity of the body, which helps in burning calories more efficiently, alleviating weight loss. Include different types of physical activities in your exercise regime like strength training, weights, yoga, walking, etc., to focus on different body areas, improve all-around flexibility, and lose weight uniformly.
  3. Lifestyle Habits And Weight Loss – Measuring up with good nutrition and regular exercise, your lifestyle habits, and behavioral customs also play a major role in sustained weight loss. Avoid situations that induce stress which may increase cortisol levels, leading to inflammation, increased cravings, emotional eating episodes, more belly fat, higher cholesterol, etc. Restrict social media time, quit or reduce smoking and alcohol consumption, and other lifestyle habits to lead a more disciplined and healthy life directed towards attaining holistic wellness.

Following a routine that includes a nutritious diet plan, the right exercise regime, and healthy lifestyle habits may not seem an actionable goal for many, especially if they are on their own through their weight-loss journey. To make it a more achievable goal, we at Wellness360, have included appropriate wellness challenges and coaching sessions in our corporate wellness programs that not only help you in healthily losing weight, but also provide many other wellness benefits.

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