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Promoting Holistic Wellness Among Employees

Holistic Employee Wellness

When it comes to “wellness” it comprises of a lot of different things. It is much more than having a proper blood sugar level or a steady salary package. Wellness is about your overall well being, where your mental, physical, financial and social aspects are taken into consideration. In today’s world which is full of work pressure, anxiety, tension, monetary problems; “wellness” is gradually becoming an extinct concept. However, thankfully, many companies from all over the globe have realized how important it is to make sure that their employees are in a proper state in terms of physical, mental and financial requirements and they have initiated programs to take care of it

How to Ensure the Holistic Wellness of the Employees?  

As mentioned, wellness has different parameters which include social, financial, physical and mental aspects. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for companies to make sure that all these areas are being taken care of. There are many companies which have already implemented employee wellness programs and have benefited from it. After all, employees are the most valuable asset to any organization. 
Here are a couple of important steps that employers need to take:

  • Developing Social Bonds: It is true that the office is a place where people come to work. However, it needs to be kept in mind that at the end of the day, they are humans and require social interactions. Promoting socialization within the company, as a matter of fact, promotes healthy competition among the employees which in turn helps the company. This is one of the reasons as to why the concepts of common rooms, cafeteria and others have evolved in the corporate sector. Here employees can interact with each other and develop social bonds. It needs to be remembered that turning the workplace into a concentration camp will eventually lead to poor performance and a higher rate of attrition 
  • Achieving Professional Goals: The employers should set achievable and realistic career goals for their employees and at the same time should guide them to achieve the set target. This would motivate the employees to give their best which in turn will increase their productivity by many folds
  • Financial Security: This is perhaps the most important aspect as far as employee wellness is concerned. If the employees are underpaid then their performance will be far from being best. They need some kind of encouragement to pull their socks up and walk the extra mile for their company. This is exactly where the financial aspect comes into the picture. If the employees are not being able to meet their needs and at the same time make some savings, then no amount of effort and wellness program is going to help
  • Mental and Physical Health: The employee wellness program is also meant to ensure that the employees are in the best of shapes when it comes to both mental and physical health. This is the reason why regular health checkups are being conducted in many companies; besides, some have made it compulsory for its employees to attend yoga classes  which not only helps to relieve stress and tension but at the same time improves their power of concentration

Given the work pressure in today’s world and the complex environment we live in, employee wellness programs play a very important role. It not only helps the employees, but the companies too can benefit a lot from it.

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