Employee Wellness Study – Corporate Gardening Programs are Trending to Improve Employee Mental Wellbeing

Corporate Gardening Programs to Improve Employee Mental Wellbeing

As the environment for employers is constantly changing, best practices for engagement are constantly changing. Off late, companies are looking for routine activities that are comprehensive for employees who are working remotely, on-site, or both. And so, employee wellness programs that promote stress management and encourage better lifestyle habits while enhancing employee engagement and workplace culture have become essential. According to research, almost […]

5 Ways Companies Can Improve Their Corporate Wellness Programs

Improving Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs have become very popular, and also a key necessity in the workplace. However, employee health and wellbeing trends are evolving, and so, there is always scope for improvement for the corporate wellness programs to meet the changing employee wellbeing needs. A PwC Health Research study revealed that almost 3 out of every […]

What Employers Must Do To Encourage Employee Vacations For Workplace Wellness?

Although the world is progressing in every aspect, employee vacation time has just not been explored enough yet. With the rising competition in every industry, employees are constantly at work, finding it difficult to maintain a work-life balance, and so, the ‘On-A-Holiday’ notification is essentially not used by most employees. Studies show that almost 66% […]

5 Effective Pointers to Jumpstart Your Employee Wellness Program

Tips for a successful employee wellness program

Accounting for almost $8 billion in the US, corporate wellness initiatives are the trending ways to make a big buck in the industry, and with almost 60% of the organizations looking for some kind of employee wellness program, the competition is high. But how do you choose the right wellness vendor for your company? Research […]

CDC Survey Emphasizes Promoting Workplace Wellness Programs

With the pandemic forcing many to delay health screenings and care, the insurance and medical costs are bound to keep increasing. “A Mercer study reported a possible 5.3% increase in employee healthcare costs in 2021.” In addition to the increasing healthcare costs that are impacting business growth and ROI, poor employee health and wellbeing can also impact […]

How To Incorporate Step Challenges for Your Corporate Wellbeing Programs?

How To Incorporate Step Challenges ideas for Your Corporate Wellbeing Programs?

The Importance of Physical Activity in the Workplace Only 28% of American adults meet the physical activity guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, highlighting a public health crisis in the United States. This low percentage is concerning, especially considering the extensive work hours and other sedentary activities, which significantly contribute to […]