Survey Shows COVID-19 Pandemic Brings Changes To Employee Health and Wellness Habits

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted employer perspective of employee wellness and workplace culture, along with most people, especially employees making considerable lifestyle changes. Right from creative experiments of cooking healthy homemade foods, to having the sweatpants rule the wardrobe, employees are preferring self-comfort and making conscious efforts to improve their holistic health wellness and to […]

Statistics Show Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Engagement

The importance of employee engagement for workplace wellness and business growth is undeniable. And so, HR leaders and employers must put together tools and resources along with the right employee engagement strategies to achieve desired business goals. Overview of Employee Engagement Stats Our previous blog showed the 5 top employee engagement stats that boost workplace […]

5 Key Workplace Benefits and Perks For Better Employee Engagement

With the competition rising high in all industrial sectors, employees are also competing internally to give their best to their company. Employees are spending more time working rather than spending it for themselves or their loved ones. Since they are spending the majority of their daily time with their teammates and colleagues, they need to […]

Survey – How COVID-19 Has Impacted Financial Wellness Of Different Employee Generations?

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the daily routines of all the individuals and the global economy too. Apart from being a major physical and mental health crisis, COVID-19 is also posing short and long-term economic threats to the financial wellbeing of employees and employers. PwC surveyed US adult employees with full-time jobs to understand their […]

Survey Reveals Different Employer Strategies To Review Employee Benefits For Managing Costs

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the global economy in many aspects, employers are now looking for ways to cut down costs in every possible way. Right from the healthcare costs, to other employee benefits and other expenses, employers are looking closely into the various tools, eligibility, and other policies. Gallagher, insurance and risk management consulting […]

What Changes You Should Expect As a Back-to-Workplace Wellness Strategy?

After a seemingly long COVID-19 induced break from the workplace routine, many businesses are looking to reopen their offices. Despite the major safety concerns, employees are also looking forward to getting back to their workplaces to end the furloughs and remote working stress. Employers are planning their back-to-workplace safety strategies to ensure employee health and […]