Top 10 Ways Employers Can Promote Workplace Wellness

Promoting Promote Workplace Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way employees and employers think about health and wellbeing. While employees prioritize their wellbeing for personal reasons, employers emphasize the holistic wellbeing of the workforce to enhance productivity and reduce healthcare costs. Although employee wellness programs have become the go-to solution to improve workforce wellbeing and engagement, there are […]

Survey Reveals The Preferred Workplace Wellness Program Components for Employee Wellbeing

Preferred Workplace Wellness Program Components for Employee Wellbeing

COVID-19 overturned almost everything across the globe. While the economic fall affected the financial lives of many, the social restrictions led to many other health and wellbeing concerns. The impact on employee health and wellbeing was of most concern for employers. Poor employee wellbeing led to a lack of engagement, higher absenteeism, lower productivity, and […]

How Voluntary Benefits Can Boost Your EAP?

Voluntary Benefits Can Boost Your EAP

Gone are those days when employee benefits were limited to health insurance, reimbursements, and physical health and wellbeing programs. Even before the pandemic started, holistic wellness and mental health were deemed priorities for employee wellbeing. The uncertainty of the pandemic has only made the need for holistic wellness programs more certain. Studies show that happy […]

A Guide to Implementing the Right Employee Assistance Programs

employee assistance programs

Employees are getting stressed out from the COVID-19 pandemic, job uncertainty, remote working, and other concerns. Organizations are looking to implement employee assistance programs to support them through their tough times. In our previous blog, we briefed about Employee Assistance Programs – what they are, how to choose them, and their benefits. A typical EAP […]

All You Need to Know About Employee Assistance Programs – Part 1

Corporate wellness trends are evolving rapidly. And modernizing it with the support of advanced wellness technology will make it easier for the employees to cope up with the changes smoothly and swiftly. To support employees cope up with their pressures, businesses are implementing Employee Assistance Programs. What are EAPs or Employee Assistance Programs? Simply put, […]

Employee Wellness Programs – A Top Priority in 2021 For Workplace Productivity

As businesses are reopening after their bout with the pandemic lockdown, employers are coming up with distinct back-to-work strategies. Fortunately, employers have recognized employee health and wellbeing as a crucial factor for workplace engagement and productivity. Employee wellness initiatives and workplace benefits and services are the top priority now. Many surveys have proven how crucial […]