Unveiling the Power of Employee Wellness: Key Burnout Statistics That Demand Attention

Employee wellness and burnout stats

In today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment, prioritizing employee wellbeing cannot be disregarded. Leaders play a crucial role in shaping the workplace culture within their organizations, directly impacting employees’ mental, physical, and emotional health. To effectively address this critical aspect of workplace success, leaders need to stay informed about the latest trends and statistics surrounding […]

Employee Wellness Study – Impact of Workplace Burnout on Different Working Generations

employee burnout trends

Recent years have forced employees to face significant changes in their work, personal life, and overall wellbeing. Many studies have proven the impact of the pandemic on employee health and wellbeing, primarily mental and financial health. According to the 2020 WTW Employee Opinion Norm Database, almost 89% of employees experienced anxiety during the peak pandemic […]

Employee Wellness Study Shows Corporate Wellness Technology Can Prevent Workplace Burnout

Corporate Wellness Technology to Prevent Workplace Burnout

Employee burnout has become a matter of concern for many businesses. While the drop in workplace productivity is troublesome, the other bigger issues caused by employee burnout include the impact on health and wellbeing, leading to higher healthcare costs and other financial consequences. Simply put, burnout is a condition causing physical and emotional fatigue induced […]

How Corporate Wellness Programs Can Help In Managing Employee Burnout Issues?

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought a lot of changes in workplace policies, and employer’s attitudes about employee health and wellness. As most employees are being forced to work remotely, the employers and the workforce are finding it challenging to keep their teams engaged, motivated, healthy, and happy. In addition to the social isolation affecting employee […]

How To Address Workplace Burnout Issues For Better Employee Health and Wellness?

With employees juggling in between multiple responsibilities due to the COVID-19 induced change in situations, they are struggling to achieve a proper work-life balance, and are stressing out, affecting employee health and wellness. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now declared workplace burnout as a medical condition caused due to excessive chronic workplace stress, which […]