How To Choose the Right Corporate Wellness Platform for Your Employee Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness platform

Thanks to advancing technology, workplace culture, and employee wellbeing have grown immensely across the world. While a majority of our tasks have become easier, it has also led to a sedentary lifestyle. Most employees work at their desks for long hours without any physical activity. This has impacted their health and wellbeing, impacting their productivity […]

Five Abilities All Advanced Employee Wellness Platforms Must Have

employee wellness platforms

A University employee wellness program revealed that almost 73% of the respondents appreciated the health assessments, 82% were really interested in the physical activity and exercise-related components, 90% were ready to sign up for another pedometer-based fitness tracking program, and 92% would participate again if a similar workplace wellness program was offered with similar tracking […]

3 Benefits of Employee Pulse Surveys in Your Workplace Wellness Strategy

Employee Pulse Surveys for Your Workplace Wellness

Employee engagement is the key to positive workplace culture and overall business growth. It drives better employee experience, workplace productivity, and retention rates. Also, it plays a huge role in the success of workplace wellness programs. Of the many different employee engagement strategies, seeking employee feedback is an effective and crucial way. It’s simple! Employees […]

How Voluntary Benefits Can Boost Your EAP?

Voluntary Benefits Can Boost Your EAP

Gone are those days when employee benefits were limited to health insurance, reimbursements, and physical health and wellbeing programs. Even before the pandemic started, holistic wellness and mental health were deemed priorities for employee wellbeing. The uncertainty of the pandemic has only made the need for holistic wellness programs more certain. Studies show that happy […]

Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends 2022

Employee Engagement Trends 2022

Employee engagement has become a trending topic of discussion amongst companies and employee wellness brokers. It is pretty much evident that companies with an engaged workforce are more likely to be successful than their competitors. Despite knowing the importance of employee engagement, many companies have failed at keeping it right. And this oversight has impacted […]

Top Features that Make a Successful Employee Experience Platform

According to Josh Bersin, employee experience is the workplace initiative that helps employees to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Employee experience includes all the holistic dimensions of employee health and workplace engagement. Since digital communications are becoming an integral part of workplaces, employers are looking to implement workplace technology to ensure maximum employee engagement, better […]