Effective Employee Engagement Metrics for Workplace Wellness

Employee Engagement metrics

Simply put, employee engagement is the commitment that employees have towards their job, company, and its goals. Engaged employees accept the company like theirs and put forth their best efforts to make sure the business grows. Plenty of studies have proved that engaged employees are more productive and help with better business growth. Studies also […]

Employee Wellness – Improving Your Workplace Wellness Programs with the Right Metrics

Workplace Wellness Programs with the Right Metrics

Employers have realized the importance of workplace wellness and how critical it is for employee engagement, productivity, and business growth. Many studies have proven the multiple benefits of workplace wellness programs, and the most common ones are –  Boost Employee Engagement Workplace Productivity Reduced Healthcare Costs Better Workplace Culture Higher Employee Retention Easy Recruitment Reduces Absenteeism […]

Workplace Wellness – 3 Simple Steps to Improve Employee Experience at the Workplace

Improving Employee Experience at the Workplace

The ever-evolving employee wellness trends have made it evident that conventional workplace benefits like health insurance and simple reimbursement perks are not enough to boost engagement or retain them. Employees today, especially the Millennials and Gen Z are looking out for other aspects while choosing their employers. Apart from well-suited employee wellness programs, the other […]

Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends 2022

Employee Engagement Trends 2022

Employee engagement has become a trending topic of discussion amongst companies and employee wellness brokers. It is pretty much evident that companies with an engaged workforce are more likely to be successful than their competitors. Despite knowing the importance of employee engagement, many companies have failed at keeping it right. And this oversight has impacted […]

Top Features that Make a Successful Employee Experience Platform

According to Josh Bersin, employee experience is the workplace initiative that helps employees to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Employee experience includes all the holistic dimensions of employee health and workplace engagement. Since digital communications are becoming an integral part of workplaces, employers are looking to implement workplace technology to ensure maximum employee engagement, better […]

Study – Employee Experience Platforms Can Boost Employee Engagement

employee experience platforms

A positive employee experience nurtures a happy and productive workforce. Employees who are engaged at work have an incredible impact on their business.  However, the pandemic has impacted employees and employers in many ways. One of the key reasons for low employee engagement is poor employee experience at the workplace. The world has transformed a […]