Elevate Workplace Wellness: 2024 Corporate Wellbeing Strategies & Initiatives

In an era where wellbeing platforms stand as cornerstones of thriving workplaces, businesses increasingly invest in comprehensive Corporate Wellness Programs. These initiatives enhance employee health and happiness, contributing to heightened productivity and reduced healthcare costs.  Stepping into 2024, let’s delve into a wealth of employee well-being software statistics that shed light on the evolving landscape, […]

4 Employee Wellbeing Trends to Expect in 2022

Employee wellbeing trends 2022

Despite the fear of job uncertainty and unemployment, employee turnover numbers are very much on the rise. According to a CNBC report, almost 4.3 million Americans had quit their jobs in August 2021. High employee turnover rates can impact company resources, workplace culture, and overall productivity. One of the best ways to reduce employee turnover […]

Survey – Post-Pandemic Ongoing Shifts in Corporate Wellness Trends 2020 – 2021

Corporate wellness trends

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, no event had led to such a tense shift in the economy and corporate wellness market. Employers had to change their workplace policies overnight to ensure employee wellbeing and safety. Our previous blog briefed about the Corporate Wellness Trends 2017 – 2020, which showed the changes in how employers perceived employee […]