A LinkedIn Survey Reveals What Inspires Gen Z to Stay or Quit Their Jobs

LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Survey Outcomes

Other than being the youngest, Gen Z is probably the most idealistic working generation across the globe. They love their jobs and so pick their employers very carefully. One of the key criteria to choosing their employers is the workplace culture. Also, they are mindful about their health and wellbeing, and engage well in employee […]

Employee Wellness Study Shows Corporate Wellness Technology Can Prevent Workplace Burnout

Corporate Wellness Technology to Prevent Workplace Burnout

Employee burnout has become a matter of concern for many businesses. While the drop in workplace productivity is troublesome, the other bigger issues caused by employee burnout include the impact on health and wellbeing, leading to higher healthcare costs and other financial consequences. Simply put, burnout is a condition causing physical and emotional fatigue induced […]

Pros and Cons of Having Employee Wellness Programs That Support Wearable Fitness Devices

Pros and Cons of Having Employee Wellness Programs That Support Wearable Fitness Devices

  The Role of Wearable Technology in Employee Wellness Programs Modern workplaces have undergone a significant transformation, with corporate wellness programs evolving to prioritize holistic health, encompassing both mental and physical well-being. Successful workplace wellness programs are increasingly integrating wearable health technology, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, which have become popular among health-conscious individuals. […]

Studies Show Corporate Wellness Technology Can Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

Companies do not wish to lose their skilled and valuable employees. Having a high employee turnover number can affect workplace productivity, increase unnecessary recruiting costs, and affect workplace culture. In short, high employee turnover rates impact the business. Employers are looking for different ways to attract skilled candidates and retain valuable employees to reduce turnover […]