Employee Wellness: Revealing Eye-Opening Statistics on Rewards and Incentives of Corporate Wellness Programs

Rewards and Incentives of Corporate Wellness Programs

In today’s rapid and competitive business world, companies are recognizing the value of investing in their employee’s wellbeing. Companies are acknowledging the importance of prioritizing employee wellness, not only for the sake of their workforce but also for boosting productivity and overall company performance. The role of corporate wellness programs in promoting a healthy and […]

Corporate Wellness Study Shows the Cost of Poor Employee Wellbeing

Poor employee wellbeing costs

Employee wellbeing is a crucial factor that directly impacts the overall success and growth of any organization. A workforce that is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy is more likely to be productive, engaged, and motivated. On the other hand, poor employee wellbeing can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, higher turnover rates, and ultimately, a […]

People Analytics – An Effective Tool to Improve Employee Wellness Programs

People Analytics and Employee Wellness Programs

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, it is essential to maintain the well-being of employees. Companies are investing in various employee wellness programs to help employees manage their stress levels, stay fit, and achieve a better work-life balance. While wellness programs can be beneficial, they can also be challenging to implement and manage effectively. This is […]

Corporate Wellness Programs in Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

Corporate Wellness Programs in Global Employee Health & Fitness Month

May is recognized as Global Employee Health & Fitness Month. It is an excellent opportunity for companies to focus on promoting employee health and wellness, and foster a healthy workplace culture. One of the most effective ways to do this is through employee wellness programs. Employee wellness programs are designed to help the workforce live […]

Employee Wellness Study – Corporate Gardening Programs are Trending to Improve Employee Mental Wellbeing

Corporate Gardening Programs to Improve Employee Mental Wellbeing

As the environment for employers is constantly changing, best practices for engagement are constantly changing. Off late, companies are looking for routine activities that are comprehensive for employees who are working remotely, on-site, or both. And so, employee wellness programs that promote stress management and encourage better lifestyle habits while enhancing employee engagement and workplace culture have become essential. According to research, almost […]

5 Ways Companies Can Improve Their Corporate Wellness Programs

Improving Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs have become very popular, and also a key necessity in the workplace. However, employee health and wellbeing trends are evolving, and so, there is always scope for improvement for the corporate wellness programs to meet the changing employee wellbeing needs. A PwC Health Research study revealed that almost 3 out of every […]