Study Shows Employers Must Educate More about their Employee Benefits Plans

The COVID-19 has changed the entire perspective of health and wellbeing. As the impact of wellbeing on productivity and business is evident, employers are reconsidering their employee benefits plans. However, employees are baffled by the new changes and offerings coming across their way. According to a Voya Financial survey, almost 35% of employees are not […]

Studies Show That Corporate Wellness Programs Can Boost Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the spotlight on the importance of employee health and wellbeing. It has also brought to light the close association of employee wellbeing with workplace productivity, employer-sponsored healthcare costs, and overall business growth. As many businesses are reopening their workplaces, employers are looking for the right employee engagement strategies to drive […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Reduce Healthcare Costs and Boost Employee Wellbeing in 2021?

Advancing digital technology and artificial intelligence has helped in the growth of many fields, especially the healthcare system. Studies show that workplace wellness and employee wellbeing can be established by implementing the right digital tools. However, many employers have not yet explored implementing AI to many workplace aspects, like employee benefits plans, which become a […]

Survey – Mercer Foresees 4.4% Higher Employee Benefits Costs in 2021

The last decade has seen a lot of growth in workplace wellness initiatives. Right from focusing more on employee health and wellbeing, to offering financial wellness programs, corporate wellness programs have undergone a lot of change. With the COVID-19 pandemic stressing employees on various living fronts, employers are also focusing on the holistic wellbeing of […]

4 Primary Reasons Why Employers Must Offer Financial Security Benefits

There is tons of evidence proving that employee health and wellbeing impacts organizational productivity and business growth, in many ways. And so, businesses are now seriously considering to invest in employee wellbeing. Apart from physical health, employers are also looking to offer wellness programs that focus on social wellbeing, financial wellness, and other holistic health […]

Study Shows 4 Ways for Health Benefits Managers to Explore Value-Based Health Care

Value-based care is quite a common term used amongst healthcare providers and members. However, it is rarely used by health plans and benefits managers. Off late, benefits managers and health plans have been trying to understand better the correlation between employee health and wellness, and business productivity. With COVID-19 impacting businesses and the economy, employee […]