The Impact of Social Media on Workplace Productivity: Weighing the Pros and Cons

People in this technological era are increasingly reliant on social media and its platforms due to its benefits and engaging features. Similarly, employees use social media as both a personal stress reliever and a professional problem solver.However, anything that is used excessively can sometimes have adverse consequences.  The majority of employees about 60% believe that […]

Employee Wellness Programs – A Top Priority in 2021 For Workplace Productivity

As businesses are reopening after their bout with the pandemic lockdown, employers are coming up with distinct back-to-work strategies. Fortunately, employers have recognized employee health and wellbeing as a crucial factor for workplace engagement and productivity. Employee wellness initiatives and workplace benefits and services are the top priority now. Many surveys have proven how crucial […]

Employee Benefits and Perks – The Key Trends To Look Forward To in 2021

With COVID-19 not seeming to cease, 2021 also looks like being cast with the 2020 shadow of uncertainty. The pandemic has introduced many significant challenges to employers and has been a major reason for everyday employee stress. With 2021 close around, employers must start planning the best-suited employee benefits packages to ensure employee work-life balance, […]