5 Top Employee Engagement Stats That Boost Workplace Wellness

It is proven! The key to building a successful business is – Employee Engagement. Employee engagement lays the foundation for a flourishing and strong workplace. While the answer to workplace wellness is here, the strategies and measures to be taken to ensure employee engagement is a mystery and quite daunting. Studies show that only 15% […]

Employee Wellness Survey – Workers Prefer Flexible Workplace Culture in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way employees choose to work, reflecting the changes in the workplace culture. Along with employee health and wellness, lower turnover rates and employee retention is essential to drive economic growth and recover from the disturbance caused by the pandemic. A survey by Citrix revealed that almost 9 of 10 […]

Survey Reveals Different Employer Strategies To Review Employee Benefits For Managing Costs

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the global economy in many aspects, employers are now looking for ways to cut down costs in every possible way. Right from the healthcare costs, to other employee benefits and other expenses, employers are looking closely into the various tools, eligibility, and other policies. Gallagher, insurance and risk management consulting […]

How Volunteering Can Boost Mental Wellness and Employee Engagement?

Mental wellness is as important as physical health and wellness. Juggling between multiple responsibilities is one of the primary reasons for employees to not having a proper work-life balance, leading to stress, depression, and other mental concerns. This not only affects employee health, but also increases healthcare costs and impacts organizational productivity. What if there […]