How Conducting Pulse Surveys Can Boost Employee Engagement and Workplace Wellness?

Employee engagement is the key to workplace wellness and the driving force for organizational productivity and growth. Many employers are now conducting annual employee engagement surveys and polls to seek employee feedback and know their interests. This has been recommended as one of the best employee engagement strategies and tools that help in building a […]

Why Employee Engagement Tools Are Vital for Effective Communication and Feedback?

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing employees to work remotely and employers amending their working policies, communication has become vital to ensure employee engagement and proper workflow. At such times when many are going through tough times juggling in between their job and personal responsibilities, amid the fear and curiosity of the pandemic, the employees need […]

Survey – Digital Health Solutions Are Vital For Employee Health and Wellness

The current COVID-19 situation had forced many employers to make changes to their everyday work routines in the best interests of their employee health and safety. On the other hand, it has not been easy for the employees either to adapt to the upcoming uncertainties along with juggling in between multiple responsibilities. And so, while […]

Are Your Employee Wellness Programs Getting Evaluated With The Right Metrics?

With so much evidence verifying the impact of employee health and wellness on workplace culture and productivity, employers are looking to implement the right employee wellness programs. Studies have shown that a well-designed wellness program can influence various workplace issues like turnover rates, employee engagement, absenteeism and presenteeism rates, healthcare costs, workplace burnout, business ROI, […]

What Employee Benefits and Services are Expected From the Workplace?

There is enough evidence proving that employee health and wellness impact workplace culture and organizational productivity. And so, offering employee benefits and services has become a priority to most employers to ensure happy, healthy, and productive employees. A 2019 study showed that employers are spending almost $3.6 million to support employee health and wellness, and […]