Employee Wellness – How to Reduce the COVID-19 Pandemic Risks and Stay Safe?

With the winter gone and the spring leaping in, the flu season was also supposed to have gone. Unfortunately, it hasn’t, and the latest pandemic – COVID-19 has also crept into the world terrorizing people with flu-like symptoms. Since the pandemic is rising and social distancing declared as a safe way to avoid further spread, […]

Your Top 7 Healthy Resolutions To Attain Holistic Wellness in 2020

New Year resolutions are fun but tricky to keep up persistently. The initial days are full of enthusiasm and enjoyable, which slackens with the months. This is no surprise, and probably a majority of people across the globe have been through this. A research study shows that almost one in every 3 Americans makes resolutions […]

Why Having A Good Sleep Is Important For Employee Health And Wellness?

Studies say that humans spend an average of 1/3rd of their lives sleeping, yet sleep is one of the least considered health concerns. Lack of sleep has been directly associated with many health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, inflammation, stress, anxiety, obesity, and more. Also, sleep disorders like insomnia or sleep apnea take a huge […]

5 Essential Tip-Offs To Kick Start Your Corporate Wellness Program

So, you have done all your surveying and decided to start an employee wellness program to improve their health and boost overall productivity and environment at work. Let’s assume that you are also done with your research and brought a reputable wellness vendor on board to roll out the corporate wellness program. Now, you are […]

Incorporating Fun Activities Into Your Corporate Wellness Program – Why And How?

Is there anyone who started playing a fun game, and stopped in between, when they know they are doing well? None, isn’t it? What more reason does one need to incorporate games and fun activities into their corporate wellness programs when the aim is to keep the users persistent through their wellbeing journey. Why Including […]