Employee Wellness: How the Corporate Wellness Market is Set to Surpass USD 100.8 Billion by 2032?

Corporate Wellness Market is Set to Surpass USD 100.8 Billion by 2032

In recent years, the focus on employee wellbeing and work-life balance has gained significant momentum. Global organizations recognize the importance of investing in their employees’ physical and mental health to enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism, and promote overall well-being. As a result, the corporate wellness market has been witnessing remarkable growth, with projections indicating a promising […]

Employee Wellness Study Shows Impact of Obesity can Cross $4 Trillion by 2035

Obesity Impact Workplace Wellness

Employee health and wellbeing have become a prime concern for employers and the workforce. Be it burnout, financial insecurity, stress, or health issues – they have all been a matter of concern for workers and employers as these factors have been directly associated with employee engagement, productivity, and overall workplace wellness. Healthcare concerns have been […]

5 Reasons Why the Workforce is Disengaged in Employee Wellness Programs

employee disengagement and workplace wellness programs

Corporate wellness initiatives are becoming increasingly important as companies look to improve employee engagement and health. Also, businesses are striving to create healthier and more productive workplaces. These initiatives can range from employee wellness programs to employee health initiatives, corporate fitness programs, and health and wellbeing initiatives. By implementing these measures, companies are ensuring their […]

Employee Wellness Programs Study – How Companies Can Cut Cardiovascular Disease Costs?

cardiovascular health costs and employee wellness program

Studies show that lifestyle-based diseases are the most common reason for most deaths across the globe. A study by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine reported that after following a healthy lifestyle for around 6 months, a healthy male adult lose around 200 pounds and was able to save almost $92,000 by avoiding different medical costs. A previously […]

Employee Wellness Study Shows the 6 Best Practices Essential for Workplace Wellness

Employee wellness Practices for Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is a hot topic right now, and for a good reason. Reports suggest that the corporate wellness market is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. As per Kaiser Family Foundation research, 84% of large employers offering health benefits at the workplace also started offering workplace wellness programs. They were also planning on increasing their investments […]

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Employee Wellness Apps

corporate wellness apps

There are plenty of studies confirming that employee wellness programs boost employee engagement, reduce healthcare costs, and improve workplace productivity. Owing to the successful outcomes of these corporate wellness programs, employers are now combining the 2 essential factors – employee wellness and employee benefits – as a single package for workforce satisfaction and business growth. […]