Top 5 Summer Wellness Challenges Ideas for Employee Wellbeing

Summer Solstice is here marking the onset of summer. It’s time for some sun, fresh air, fresh seasonal produce, and many holistic wellness challenges ideas for a happy and healthy life, through all the seasons. The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted physical activities, made unhealthy food easily accessible, and increased mental stress issues due to social […]

5 Simple Ways to Prioritize Employee Wellbeing through Corporate Wellness Programs

COVID-19 has changed the routine for many, especially for employees who are struggling to maintain a proper work-life balance. People who had a tough keeping up with their healthy habits and staying physically active were finding it difficult to cope with the sudden changes. In addition to impacting physical health, the pandemic has affected employee mental […]

Studies Show Employee Health and Wellbeing Trends Are Improving in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness about the importance of health and wellness. Employee emotions towards health and wellbeing have shifted towards self-comfort, healthy eating, and other creative ways to keep themselves and their family healthy and immune to illnesses. Right from homemade bread to growing homemade produce and an explosion in the sales of […]

Studies Show Corporate Wellness Technology Can Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

Companies do not wish to lose their skilled and valuable employees. Having a high employee turnover number can affect workplace productivity, increase unnecessary recruiting costs, and affect workplace culture. In short, high employee turnover rates impact the business. Employers are looking for different ways to attract skilled candidates and retain valuable employees to reduce turnover […]

Employee Wellbeing Programs – Your Checklist To Creating Successful Corporate Wellness Challenges

Corporate wellness programs have become the need of the hour, and many employers are implementing them as a part of their employee benefits and perks package. The corporate wellness programs have been designed to – Boost employee engagement Enhance productivity Reduce healthcare costs Decrease absenteeism rates Improve workplace culture Designing a well-planned employee wellbeing program […]

Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Wellness Technology in Employee Wellness Programs

Not too long ago, corporate wellness programs were all about employee benefits packages, including insurance, healthcare reimbursements, and 401(K) plans. However, employers are modifying their corporate wellness program ideas in line with the emerging employee benefits and perks trends to ensure employee engagement, lower healthcare costs, and better workplace wellbeing. “According to studies, currently, 70% […]