5 Ways to Measure the VOI of Corporate Wellness Programs

The term “Wellness Program” is expanding in scope. According to a Gallup study, almost 85% of employers are now offering some kind of corporate wellness program. With so many corporate wellness companies and vendors in the market, employers are a fix to choose the best suitable wellness providers. If finding a good wellness vendor was […]

Top 5 Virtual Wellness Challenges Ideas for Remote Working Employee Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many of us to adopt technology-based actions, even for our daily routines. Many employees are working remotely, children are receiving online education, and so many other things are being done virtually. Likewise, taking care of health and wellness has also become a virtual aspect. With the gyms closing down to […]

Top 4 Exercises in Employee Wellness Programs for a Remote Workforce

Every year, May is observed as the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month by the President’s Council on Fitness. The council and the fitness month observances encourage everyone to devote their time to exercise regularly for a healthy body, sound mind, and better quality of life. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the #MoveinMay 2021 campaign […]

The 9 Key Employee Wellness Dimensions for Holistic Wellbeing

According to the World Health Organization, wellness is a state of complete wellbeing, including physical, emotional, and social aspects. Despite the different wellness dimensions vital for holistic employee wellness, most of the time only physical health is emphasized upon. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the spotlight on many other employee wellness dimensions, and mental […]

Top 5 Corporate Wellness Challenges Ideas for Remote Working Employees

With millions of employees working remotely since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the definition of employee wellness and workplace culture has changed entirely. Studies show that even after normalcy resumes, 7% of the employees prefer working remotely. According to a CDC report, even before the pandemic started, almost 80% of Americans were not getting […]

How Corporate Wellness Programs Can Help In Managing Employee Burnout Issues?

The COVID-19 pandemic has bought a lot of changes in workplace policies, and employer’s attitudes about employee health and wellness. As most employees are being forced to work remotely, the employers and the workforce are finding it challenging to keep their teams engaged, motivated, healthy, and happy. In addition to the social isolation affecting employee […]