Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs – Infographic

benefits of corporate wellness programs

Employee wellness programs have become an integral and crucial part of most organizations. While previously, employee wellbeing was all about physical health and workplace benefits, the priorities have now shifted towards holistic health and wellness. Employee expectations of employee benefits and perks have changed, and a well-designed employee wellness program can offer the right benefits at the […]

Study Shows the Impact of Age, Gender, and Ethnicity on Employee Financial Wellness

Age, gender and ethnicity and Financial wellness programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how employees and employers perceive health and wellbeing. And so, employee wellness programs that focus on holistic health dimensions have become a necessary part of workplace policies. Our previous blog about an employee wellness study showed the changing employer attitudes towards financial wellness programs and how they are addressing employee issues.  Bank […]

How Wearable Devices Can Enhance The Success of Employee Wellness Programs?

Employee wellness programs are the need of the hour. These corporate wellness solutions are trending now as most companies are implementing some kind of employee wellness programs. With so many wellbeing program options in the corporate wellness market, it may become difficult for employers to choose the right one. So, employers must consider important pointers […]

Top 5 Benefits Of Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs have become the latest workplace trend, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. In the 1970’s, employee wellness programs were all about workplace benefits and trends. However, since over a decade, the priorities have shifted towards employee health and wellness, and these wellbeing programs now accommodate most of the holistic wellness aspects. Employee expectations […]

3 Corporate Wellness Studies Prove the Impact of Wellness Programs on Reducing Healthcare Costs

Ideally, the key objective of corporate wellness programs is to improve employee health and wellness, which in turn, reflects in better employee productivity, engagement, reduced healthcare costs, and overall better ROI. A BGH employer survey predicted a probable 5.3% increase in employee healthcare costs in 2021. And so, many corporate wellness programs are focusing on healthcare costs […]