Corporate Wellness 2023 – Building an Employee Wellness Program with a Competitive Edge

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With employee wellbeing becoming the top priority for many organizations, the corporate wellness market is blooming with many new vendors. However, since so many new wellness companies are coming up, your company must have a competitive edge in the corporate wellness market to make better business. Here are a few foolproof methods for employee wellness […]

Top 3 Employee Wellness Program Trends for 2023

employee wellness program trends 2023

Gone are the days when employee wellness programs were only about physical fitness, eating healthy, and reimbursements. With the pandemic shifting the focus on holistic wellbeing, it is vital for employee wellness programs also to evolve with the latest trends. With a Global Wellness Institute study reporting that the global wellness market will hit $7 trillion at […]

What Mistakes Must Employers Not Make with Biometric Screenings in Workplace Wellness Programs?

with Biometric Screenings in Workplace Wellness Programs

Employee health and wellbeing are critical for the workplace. While many may find it odd, it is the fact backed by evidence. According to an American Psychological Association (APA) survey, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted employee health and wellbeing in many ways. This has affected –  employee engagement workplace productivity absenteeism and presenteeism healthcare costs workplace culture […]

Survey Shows the Corporate Wellness Trends Forecast for 2021 – 2028

Many studies have reported the benefits of corporate wellness programs – how they boost employee engagement, workplace productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and improve employee retention rates. Organizations have realized that implementing these corporate wellness programs at their workplace will not only improve employee wellbeing, but will also enhance their market demand. As the impact of […]