Your Top 7 Healthy Resolutions To Attain Holistic Wellness in 2020

New Year resolutions are fun but tricky to keep up persistently. The initial days are full of enthusiasm and enjoyable, which slackens with the months. This is no surprise, and probably a majority of people across the globe have been through this. A research study shows that almost one in every 3 Americans makes resolutions […]

Key Pointers To Achieve Sustained Weight Loss And It’s Health Benefits

If being overweight was already dampening your spirits, the fact that being obese could lead to many other chronic illnesses could be even scarier. And so, the focus is to lose weight to maintain a healthy height-to-weight ratio. However, losing weight quickly with fad diets and high-intensity workouts may not help in the long run, […]

4 Vital Reasons That Affirm The Need For An Organized Workstation

Juggling in between multiple tasks and responsibilities at work, it is common to hear ‘My workstation is a mess, but I got no time to clean it’. Sorting and putting all your papers and files in the right place may seem too much of a task, or probably unproductive. But having a chaotic work desk […]

Facts About Exercise That Will Change Your Approach For Better Health Benefits

Facts About Exercise That Will Change Your Approach For Better Health Benefits

Forget feeling sluggish or needing a mood boost! Regular exercise is your one-stop shop for feeling fantastic. It’s not just about a quick burst of energy; exercise strengthens your whole body, improves your mood, and even helps you live a longer, healthier life. From swimming and running to a brisk walk, there are countless ways […]

Importance of Financial Wellness for Employees

Financial wellness is an important issue that is still far from being universally accepted as worth paying attention by most organisations. This is when, one can easily figure out the fact that companies are directly benefited from a healthy financial condition of their employees.  An employee going through tough financial conditions, is likely to stay […]

Helping Managers in Your Company Evolve into Well-being Leaders

Most of the employers in different companies are nowadays offering wellbeing programs to their employees. It has been observed that in the past five years 66% of the employers have managed to revamp through wellbeing offers. However, one of the biggest challenges that a company face while offering well-being programs is the participation and contribution […]