Employee Wellness Study Shows the Latest Workplace Wellbeing Insights 2022

workplace wellbeing insights 2022

Many organizations are now committed to improving workplace wellness to benefit their workforce, society, and, more importantly, to grow their business. While employee wellness programs have become one of the key criteria for workforce retention, many other factors are also crucial to inspire companies to foster a positive culture and workplace wellness. Indeed published insights […]

Modern Ways of Incorporating Corporate Wellness Technology for Employee Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Technology for Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness is evolving, and digital technology has played a huge role in this drastic change. Employer-sponsored employee wellness programs are no longer just a workplace perk but have become a necessary workplace strategy to recruit and retain the workforce. A Stanford study showed almost 42% of the US employees were working remotely since the […]

Study – Employee Experience Platforms Can Boost Employee Engagement

employee experience platforms

A positive employee experience nurtures a happy and productive workforce. Employees who are engaged at work have an incredible impact on their business.  However, the pandemic has impacted employees and employers in many ways. One of the key reasons for low employee engagement is poor employee experience at the workplace. The world has transformed a […]

How to Plan a Summer Workplace Picnic as a Part of Your Corporate Wellness Programs?

Summer is here, and so are the opportunities to embrace nature. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees to stay indoors for a long time and work remotely. While remote working has received mixed feelings, most studies showed that employee wellbeing and mental health were severely impacted. With workplaces reopening, employers are looking for different […]

Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Corporate Wellness Technology in Employee Wellness Programs

Not too long ago, corporate wellness programs were all about employee benefits packages, including insurance, healthcare reimbursements, and 401(K) plans. However, employers are modifying their corporate wellness program ideas in line with the emerging employee benefits and perks trends to ensure employee engagement, lower healthcare costs, and better workplace wellbeing. “According to studies, currently, 70% […]